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Good Article on Bloodless Medicine!

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Less Blood is Really More, Transfusion Critics Say

Cutting back on blood use could halt infections, illness — and even death

By JoNel Aleccia Health writer at msnbc.com

Long dominated by Jehovah’s Witnesses — whose faith forbids blood transfusions — bloodless surgeries and blood conservation programs are now attracting mainstream patients worried about what some experts say are clear risks, including more infections, longer recuperation, increased illness and even death.

“The best blood is in your own veins,” said Dr. Lori Heller, medical director of the blood management program at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, where Reisner had her surgery — without any transfusion. “We want to think before we transfuse.”

Decades of experience with Jehovah’s Witness patients, including 1.5 million members in the United States, has helped propel the new emphasis on blood management, said Sherri Ozawa, clinical director of the Institute for Patient Blood Management at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in New Jersey.

“In the early days, it was, ‘We have Witness patients, what in the world do we do with them?’” she recalled. “Now we believe it should be the standard of care.”

Read Entire Article: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38684354/ns/health-health_care/


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The surgeon that did my last open heart surgery at Children's in Columbus, OH was on the Blood Transfusion Committee. He tried to talk me into having it done. I never had such an easy question. I was very weak with the truth, but sticking up for Jehovah and what I believe in made me feel like I have been pioneering! Jehovah's holy spirit was with me that whole time. The doctor wasn't sure how to do my surgery. Any way he went, through my scar tissues, I would bleed out in less than 2 minutes. So after that conversation, I had an elder with me from the Liason Committee, him and I went out, prayed that Jehovah would give him insight on going another route. The day of the surgery, the surgeon told me that the last day we met, he couldn't sleep. Something just kept bugging him. Then, he said, an idea came into his head. Go through the right side of the chest. Something that has never been done before. My wife, my family, the Liason Committe all had chills run up our back. We were in such awe of how powerful prayers and Jehovah are. I knew I was going to be okay. I had a 30% chance of making it. Obviously I am here so I made it. However, the day I woke up, the surgeon wanted to talk to me alone. He told me that he was so amazed about the surgery. I only lost 2 drops of blood!!!! He said even still maybe a couple cups but 2 drops??? Unheard of. He told me that I had the truth, and to stick with it! He quit the Blood Transfusion Committee the day of the surgery! He went to specialize in Non Blood methods. He resigned from Children's in Columbus and now is in NY/NJ area. If you Google him, you'll see what he does now.

Dr. Samuel Weinstein....

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Taking blood is really such a risky thing anyway! I mean, not only do you have to match the blood types but each particular individual's blood is different so whats in their blood may not match with yours even if its the same blood type. Its just ridiculous. Plus, surgeons are SO much more careful during surgeries when you decline blood because they can't afford to be lax. They have to be very careful and make sure they do everything right.

Seth was given a blood transfusion last week (court ordered) because his blood count got too low from the chemotherapy. As soon as he got it, he broke out in hives and his left eye swelled shut. He spent the rest of the day in the hospital... How helpful that transfusion was, right? X( Jehovah knew what was best for us in the beginning. We glorify him AND benefit ourselves by listening to what he tells us.

It's interesting when doctors study more into the results of things like this and realize that Bible principles should be followed, from a scientific standpoint too.

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Seth was given a blood transfusion last week (court ordered) because his blood count got too low from the chemotherapy.

How old is he? Because I believe if they are a certain age, the courts can't order it anymore. I know when I was 9 yrs old, I was able to make a stand with the doctors and show my conviction, and proof of my beliefs.

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If he was old enough to make the decision then the courts wouldn't override it. Especially since its not a life-saving procedure, its a life-lengthening procedure (they think it will give him a few more months or so). But he's only 3 and since his doctor is recommending it, the courts have said that medically we have to do whatever the doctor decides on.

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