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Man Truly Can Not Direct His Own Step

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As if the people in the tornado affected areas are not suffering enough.  It boggles the mind that people actually prefer human rule to Jehovah's kingdom.    :nope:


Everything humans, who insist on their own sovereignty, do is labor intensive.  Without Jehovah's direction, they can't seem to do the simplest of tasks with any sense of practicality.  And yet, they are constantly bragging about all their technological "advancements".



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Lin, these poor people are blinded by the veil over their eyes.   It's the same attitude that the people in Noah's time had and again (from our Jeremiah book study) with the Jews in Jeremiah's day.  "I believe in JESUS!!!!" That's all they need. And life goes on.  Some complain and when some do, they get dangerous, they take the law in their own hands, more suffer.   Sometimes I wish I could clonk them on their silly heads to make them listen, but they don't want it.  As the end gets closer and closer, they won't take any NOTICE.  TIll it comes up on them and you and I know that Jehovah does not sneak up on anybody.  He always gives us upfront notice.  And then the slave puts it out in our KM's and WT's and our beautiful golden nugget "What Does The Bible Really Teach."  


I read that article you put up.  They can't make a move without one or the other $$$$.  I guess it will be up to us in the paradise to clean up that mess, and if we need more help, Jesus will step right on in there.   Thanks for posting this Lin!

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I just got this from a sister and it interested me.  Really goes well with your post Lin.   This really shows how stupud man made laws are particualrly here in New York City! And not only that, laws that hurt the victims instead of the criminals.  We can see what we are going to face down the pike!



New York 10-Year-Old Protects Family With Intruder’s Own Gun

Two armed burglars, one dressed in a FedEx-like uniform, came to the door of a family’s home in Brooklyn, New York. They broke in and ordered 2 residents to the floor where one of the armed criminals held them at gunpoint. The other burglar walked toward a bedroom where a 10-year-old boy and his mother were. The door was slightly opened, so the man pointed his gun inside the room.  There are conflicting media reports about who exactly rushed the door and slammed it, causing the man to drop his gun in the room. It was either the mother or the boy. What we do know is that the boy picked up the gun and shot it in the direction of the armed criminal but missed. The other guy holding 2 of the residents on the floor shot back at the kid but also missed. However, the exchange of gunfire was enough to scare the 2 guys off, and they ran out without taking a thing from the family’s home, and no one was hurt.  The family’s safety is of course secondary to making sure the burglars had gun licenses, that their guns were registered, that they had no more than the allowable number of rounds in their guns, and that the appropriate background checks were done by the dealers for the purchasers. We’re talking about New York here, so there better not have been more than 7 rounds in each of the criminals’ guns.

And let’s not forget about the 10-year-old who not only had the gun in his possession without the proper license but discharged it inside his home. There’s got to be a ton of violations right there. And the mother seemingly allowed it to happen. She “contributed to the delinquency of a minor.”  And isn’t there something criminal about taking someone else’s things? The kid took the guy’s gun. That’s stealing.  (As of this moment, Mayor Bloomberg is swearing out a warrant for both the boy and his mother and is trying to find the hold-up men to give them commendations.  Plus the boy was caught drinking a 64 oz. soda!)

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