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What has been happening in Turkey is very interesting. As of an hour ago a truce seems to have been brokered. What is interesting about Turkey is that it prides itself on being the perfect Islamic State. A majority of its citizens though are secular. The unrest over the last few weeks is showing that people are becoming more and more fed up with Islamic totalitarian regimes. This has been seen since the unrest in the Middle East escalated in 2010 in Tunisia. Snowballing to Libya, Egypt, Syria etc. Even Islam it seems is losing its grip. Babylon is certainly falling we're just waiting for the final chapter. Here are the stories on Turkey.








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As I watch these types of events unfold, I can't help but think of comments from the Daniel book:


*** dp chap. 4 p. 59 par. 28 The Rise and Fall of an Immense Image ***
Now that we are in “the time of the end,” we have reached the feet of the image. Some of the governments pictured by the image’s feet and toes of iron mixed with clay are ironlike—authoritarian or tyrannical. Others are claylike. In what way? Daniel associated the clay with “the offspring of mankind.” (Daniel 2:43) Despite the fragile nature of clay, of which the offspring of mankind are made, traditional ironlike rulerships have been obliged to listen more and more to the common people, who want their say in the governments ruling over them. (Job 10:9) But there is no sticking together of authoritarian rule and the common people—no more than there could be a uniting of iron with clay. At the time of the image’s demise, the world will indeed be politically fragmented!

Wonderful opportunity we have to be living and serving Jehovah at this time.

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Here is an updated understanding of the feet of iron and clay.


*** w12 6/15 pp. 15-16 Jehovah Reveals What “Must Shortly Take Place” ***


7 What is the relationship between the seventh head of the wild beast and the immense image? Britain—and by extension, the United States—grew out of the Roman Empire. What, though, about the feet of the image? They are described as an amalgam of iron and clay. (Read Daniel 2:41-43.) This description coincides with the time when the seventh head—the Anglo-American World Power—would come to prominence. Just as an iron structure mixed with clay is weaker than solid iron, so too the Anglo-American World Power is weaker than the power from which it emerged. How?

8 At times, the seventh head of the beast has displayed ironlike characteristics. For example, it proved its power by winning World War I. During World War II, the ironlike power of the seventh head was also evident. After that war, the seventh head at times still displayed ironlike characteristics. However, from early on, that iron has been mixed with clay.

9 Jehovah’s servants have long sought to understand the symbolic meaning of the feet of the image. Daniel 2:41 describes the mixture of iron and clay as one “kingdom,” not many. The clay, therefore, represents elements within the sphere of influence of the Anglo-American World Power, elements that make it weaker than the solid iron of the Roman Empire. The clay is referred to as “the offspring of mankind,” or the common people. (Dan. 2:43) In the Anglo-American World Power, people have risen up to claim their rights through civil rights campaigns, labor unions, and independence movements. The common people undermine the ability of the Anglo-American World Power to act with ironlike strength. Also, opposing ideologies and close election results that do not end up in a clear majority have weakened the power base of even popular leaders, so that they have no clear mandate to implement their policies. Daniel foretold: “The kingdom will partly prove to be strong and will partly prove to be fragile.”—Dan. 2:42; 2 Tim. 3:1-3.

10 In the 21st century, Britain and the United States have continued their special partnership, often acting together in world affairs. The prophecies about the immense image and the wild beast confirm that the Anglo-American World Power will not be replaced by some future world power. This last world power may be weaker than that represented by the legs of iron, but it will not disintegrate on its own.

11 Does the number of toes of the image have special meaning? Consider: In other visions, Daniel mentions specific numbers—for example, the number of horns on the heads of various beasts. Those numbers are significant. However, when describing the image, Daniel does not mention the number of toes. Therefore, the number seems no more significant than the fact that the image had multiple arms, hands, fingers, legs, and feet. Daniel does specifically mention that the toes would be made of iron and clay. From his description, we can conclude that the Anglo-American World Power is the one that will be dominating when the “stone” representing God’s Kingdom hits the feet of the image.—Dan. 2:45.

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Here is another update on the situation in Turkey. Violence has escalated again.




I was listening to an interesting talk given by Brother Samuel Hird when he was a District Overseer. In it he gives an interesting insight into the demons and the control Satan has over them(from 22:40). The main thrust of the talk though is appreciating our place in Jehovah's house. Well worth listening to.




Demonic propaganda is gathering earth's rulers to the focal situation, Har-Magedon, where Jehovah's judgments will be poured out upon them.



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