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Student refuses to stand for the pledge

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this was on our local news... here are the links..


. ... 1.US Supreme Court wont hear pledge case involving local student ...

When Frazier refused to stand for the pledge four years ago... ... But it still leaves some questions about whether *all* kids can refuse to say the pledge. ...

NEWS October 5, 2009

2.Judge Rules on Pledge Controversy, pledge, student, stand - Local ...

A Florida teen who says he was called ungrateful and un-American after he refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance has won a victory in court. ...

NEWS June 2, 2006

3.Sitting To Take A Stand, brk, stand, pledge - Local News - CBS ...

Beach county school board will decide whether to approve a settlement Tuesday, in its case against a student who refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance. ...

NEWS February 1, 2006

4.Pledge Controversy, brk, school, teacher - Top Story - CBS Channel ...

The 17 year old claims on December 8th when he refused to stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance, his teacher berated him and the assistant principal ...

NEWS December 23, 2005

5.Pledge Lawsuit, pledge, school, board - Top Story - CBS Channel 12 ...

His says teacher Cynthia Alexandre called him quote -- "un-American" after he twice refused to stand for the pledge November eighth. ...

NEWS February 2, 2006

6.Pledge Lawsuit, brk, pledge - Top Story - CBS Channel 12 News

December 23, 2005 11:56 AM. Ariel Witzenberger. A local student refuses to recite the pledge of allegiance and is waiting to take the stand. ...

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And it is good to note that he sued the school and won.

I didn't read about why he wouldn't stand for the pledge however. Was it for religious reasons or was he just being a non-conformist?

I've put the choice to my 7 year old daughter to stand respectfully or remain seated. She has always chose to remain seated.

- Bob


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I am not sure why he didnt stand. it didnt say why he didnt. . I let my girls choose to and I tell the teachers at open house and give them the bronchure. but I remember when I was a kid and a teenager. It was so hard especially when I was made fun of. Even in HIgh School the teacher got mad at me and this other girl because we didnt stamd for the pledge.So we stood up but put our hands on our side.

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I always sat but I was not allowed to do school work while the others stood. So I sat respectfully and silent until they finished the pledge. Standing was something I just didn't do. Once a substitute teacher forced some of us witness kids to stand to sing the school song but we sat back down.

A little later I think I did sing the song because there was no clear and absolute teaching about school anthems, but today I would choose NOT to sing any kind of anthem.

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