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  1. I think this is only for Saudi-Arabia? https://www.meed.com/research-reports/saudi-arabia-2017-delivering-vision-2030/5016010.article I hope there will be some more speeches about peace in the next few days.
  2. I don't know if this was already posted? http://fox-news24.com/trump-warns-russia-over-jehovahs-witnesses-ban-and-urges-members-to-seek-asylum-in-the-us/ [MODERATOR EDIT: Beware! fox-news24.com is a fake news site that tries to appear as related to Fox News although they are not linked.]
  3. In Daniel we read that the king of the south will come to its end and there would be no helper. Perhaps the King of the north is the UN without USA? That coalition of nation?
  4. I don't unterstand this. This was about Birobijan... but what is now with the Bethel in Russia? Because the hearing was yesterday? Are we banned now in Russia or not?
  5. Victoria, did the court concreteize what the liquedation means for our brothers in detail? In Wikipedia I read that your town is a jewish oblast? Are they responsible or the orthodox church for the ban?
  6. Thank you Victoria. I pray everyday for our brothers in Russia.
  7. Excuse my english. ... but what is the LRO? Is that the Bethel in Russia? I thought it is the 12 th october? Or is that something different?