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  1. How in the world did I spell never naver?
  2. I'm guessing he naver gave much thought to it. Here on jwtalk it sometimes doesn't automatically capitalize the b when you spell Bible. I know for sure because I just had to go back and capitalize the b in that last sentence. It does automatically capitalize the q in Quran though. Maybe he didn't meant to capitalize it. I don't know if it's on this website or my text messaging but it will sometimes capitalize the s in satan.
  3. I always think that if Adam and Eve never sinned we wouldn't be here because the world would have been fully populated a long time ago.
  4. What I don't understand is since the popes are supposed to be infallible when it comes to doctrine, then what does that say about former popes when "pope" Francis says that he's open to change when it comes to priests being married. Does that mean that the former popes were wrong?
  5. I really enjoyed this months broadcast. I bet the friends in their congregations will get a kick out of those brothers who were dressed like gangsters
  6. I don't think calling something racist is being easily offended. It's just calling it what it is. I've heard people say many things about other races of people that didn't offend me that I considered racist. I don't find it worldly either. If someone is always making sexiest remarks, then that person is a sexist. It is what it is.
  7. Im not saying he was racist either. I don't know. Unlike to kill a monkingbird, Mark Twain's books were written with children in mind and marketed toward them. He should have known better.
  8. I agree that some may live in a time where racist views are excepted. For example, in slavery times, blacks were considered equal to or lower than animals and people used this to justify slavery. Not all felt this way and I'm sure some that did knew deep down inside that it was wrong. No disrespect but you can't vouch for Mark Twain and say he wasn't racist when you didn't know him. I don't blame people for banning his books. I read his books and was called the N word too many times to remember growing up, and if I had children I wouldn't want them reading books with that word in it either. I'm pretty sure many of those racist people in the 30s and 40s had enough sense to know that their view points were wrong. When I was in the world, I knew plenty of racist people who chose not to teach their kids their views on race because they knew in their hearts that it was wrong.
  9. I'm not saying they are a racist company. I was just saying that some of their cartoons had racial overtones. Even some of their relatively recent movies portrayed some races in a negative light. I won't get into it though. I don't agree that everyone was racist back in the day. Some people are just good people and able to see past all the negativity and see the good in all people. Even if people are a product of their time, they have to put their racist views aside when making children's cartoons.
  10. Disney movies also had some racial overtones to them. People of color were often portrayed as offensive caricatures and stereotypes. Remember the black maiden that was always cleaning up the house with the mice running around? The movie Pocahontas tries to cover up the brutal history of colonialization in America by giving a generation of children the impression that the conquest of the americas was a cheerful, cooperative effort between the Europeans and Native Americans, which is far from the truth.
  11. If he does know something about hidden messages in Disney movies, you can't expect a guy who used to work for Disney and is teaching animation to tell the truth about it. That's like asking the department of treasury if there are hidden messages in dollar bills (if it were true).
  12. Im not saying that they would relate it to bestiality. I just think it's inappropriate. *sigh* nevermind...
  13. Yes, there may not be sex involved but a children's movie in which a woman is romantically involved with a beast is absolutely inappropriate. Especially scenes with her kissing him. We'll just have to agree to disagree.