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  1. Just took this picture of the weather forecast showing the heat index. It's burning up over here.
  2. It's 102 degrees now and will reach 103 later
  3. Even if they did make a video like that against us, they would have to use our audio.
  4. I wish all we had were the high 70s in summer! I texted that picture to my mom who is in California and she responded with a picture of her at the beach with some sisters and another picture of the forecast, showing that it is 78 degrees over there to rub it in lol. One thing about living in North Texas is that you never get used to the heat here. It's ridiculous! The humidity is out of this world. You often see brothers drenched is sweat out in field service and many of us carry small hand towels to wipe our face before we knock on a door.
  5. It's been in the triple digits lately here in North Texas
  6. Thanks. I tried that but didn't see it at first. It showed it at the bottoms on my phone.
  7. How did you find out that has reached 900 languages. I didn't see a source for this.
  8. That's what I thought...
  9. That is so terrible! I hope Jehovah remembers him in the resurrection.
  10. I saw this yesterday. Not surprised one bit...
  11. I figured that probably was the case. A brother may have already had that video in mind in case someone didnt show up in future
  12. What a good idea Was this planned?
  13. I would never hear those words because I would never be in those waters
  14. I'm sure Jehovah will remember her in the resurrection.