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  1. Speaking of Lot's wife, it is interesting that the jewish historian Josephus said in his writings that he had heard that up until his day you could still see Lot's wife as a pillar of salt. So he travelled there and sure enough she was still there as a pillar of salt.
  2. Mods, please put a question mark at the end of my topic title. I forgot to put it there.
  3. Interesting...
  4. I agree. I could never understand why some people think putting all money on chips and watching people's every move is as evil as the mark of the beast. I do see how some people would be uncomfortable with having their every move monitored though. I think that if everyone was chipped, crime would almost be nonexistent. Such a thing would definitely lead to the cry of peace and security. If something like this ever did come about, I wonder if people would be able to sell things privately or would people have to pay taxes on everything? For example, could you sell your car on your own? Also, counterfeit money would be a thing of the past.
  5. Plus, you wouldn't have to ever worry about someone stealing your debit or credit cards or their information.
  6. I'm surprised that the article didn't mention that doing this would lower the crime rate by a lot. I'm not agreeing with it, but It makes sense that if everyone was chipped, it would be a lot harder for criminals to commit crimes without being caught. For example if a home invasion took place, authorities would be able to find out through gps who was in the house at the time of the robbery and catch who did it.
  7. Can you please send me the link to the talk by brother Jackson?
  8. That reminds me, about 8 years ago, I bought a 1976 cadillac coupe deville as my first classic car and when I went to put gas in it for the first time, I walked around the car looking for the gas door. An older man was looking at me with a look on his face like "this must be this young mans first old car." I finally fliped the license plate and figured it out
  9. I don't think spiritually has anything to do with it. It's a personality disorder.
  10. I had a brother e-mail me the very audio clip from the talk that you talked about. Can you please tell me the brothers name so I can look it up on that site?
  11. I wonder if anyone has told Trump that banning people from Islamic countries could cause some muslims in the United States to become radicalized and commit crimes here...
  12. Why are they protesting? What did he do? In my local congregation, they announced last night that we temporarily won't be having cart witnessing at the airport because of protests.
  13. Hey guys. Just wondering how everyone surfs jwtalk. Do you use your phone, tablet or pc? Although I have a tablet, I use my phone