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  1. I saw this yesterday. Not surprised one bit...
  2. I figured that probably was the case. A brother may have already had that video in mind in case someone didnt show up in future
  3. What a good idea Was this planned?
  4. I would never hear those words because I would never be in those waters
  5. I'm sure Jehovah will remember her in the resurrection.
  6. My weather app was correct. It's 87 degrees right now.
  7. Lol hades. I can't really complain though because I really hate the cold. I'll take the heat any day. Maybe being up north it wouldn't be too bad because it's a dry cold in some places. Tornados are so common here that they really don't scare you until you see one in person. The sound and sight of one is enough to give your a heart attack. Spring has my favorite temperature. I like gentle warm sun with a slight breeze. I don't look forward to spring every year because spring is when we have the severe weather and tornadoes. And sometimes tornadoes hit very close to my house. The good thing about tornadoes is that they may skip over you and land somewhere else. Hurricanes and earthquakes get everybody. As far as field service goes, a lot of brothers wear short sleeve shirts in summer. I don't because I think it's too casual. It's not uncommon to see our brothers drenched in sweat out in service. During summer I carry a small towel out in service to wipe off the sweat before I go to the next door or else you'll be embarrassed and unpresentable in service. Anyone who lives here knows that when your outside talking on the phone you have to frequently wipe the sweat off the screen from it resting on your face. Some people's phones even end up "water damaged." Mechanics here make a killing repiring car ac systems.
  8. Well at least it doesn't get hot where you live. It gets very hot in Texas, especially south near Houston with 100% humidity. Here in North Texas we get 100 or more degree summer days easily with up to 100% humidity. In 2011 we reached 40 consecutive days with 100 degree or more weather and 70 100 degree or more weather days for the whole year. The record is 42 consecutive 100 degree days in 1980. In 2011 I was working in a warehouse with no air conditioning and it was always at least 5 degrees hotter inside. Several times I thought I was gonna pass out. Several did. I live in tornado alley and tornados are very common here. They are so common that many of us don't get in protective shelter when we hear the tornado sirens going off because we are so used to it. I know myself and everyone I know here doesn't get in the bathroom unless they hear strong winds. Not the smartest thing in the world to do, I know. Here's a link showing records of hot days in Dallas.
  9. How warm does it get in the summer and with how high humidity?
  10. Lol I don't see how y'all do it up there. Y'all's winters are too cold and too long
  11. It's 7:04 pm right now and it's 84 degrees in Arlington TX. It's supposed to get up to 87 tomorrow.
  12. I saw this on the world news but I didn't know it was in Dallas. That's like 20 minutes from where I live!
  13. Living in Texas, I just can't comprehend it being in the 30s during the end of April. Over here it's very warm by then. Our winters are usually mild, don't last long and even when it is cold, it will go back and forth from warm to cold. Sometimes it will be warm on Christmas Day. I remember wearing a t shirt and shorts one Christmas Day. Sometimes winter here is nothing but a series of cold fronts.
  14. Was very windy yesterday here in North Texas. So windy that my niece and I went to the park to fly a kite Not sure what the temperature was but it was fairly warm. The temperature is 73 right now but it will get up to 81 later on today.