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  1. last convention in the gr.T. Series was about our faith, loyalty this time looks like it is about our hope.....we leave everything behind but the future is bright......
  2. Movie. Each afternoon, you can follow the story of a family who is able to understand why Jesus said: “Remember the wife of Lot” (Luke 17:32 ) ...........maybe going into the time of the great Tribulation, where we have to leave our home/possessions behind? definitely another g.T. Series.....I think....
  3. ........and no printing of the location nessesary? Ask about a location near you!
  4. thank you for pointing it out........hope it can be removed by one of the admins
  5. we had to cancel our Trip to HQ Warwick....reasons: I am born in an Arabic country and have also an Arabic first Name.......don't take the chance after Trumps "wise decision" I always get extra attention at airports....even I am German with a German Passport...and this even before this "fantastic" Ban.....
  6. ... a Sister (she is from Texas) came today in our KH and her first words were: "Trump is doing the right thing" My husband and another Elder nearly choked .......there goes the neutrality....
  7. Theresa May says US and UK can lead world again, ahead of Trump meeting Is this new relationship a fulfillment of Bible Prophecy? Anglo-American world power........ Iron-like almost dictatorship rule being undermined by clay-like protesters. Just how far away is the stone that crushes the image in the feet?
  8. interesting the last paragraph " However Jehovah’s Witnesses are a peaceful group who hold their worship in the open and denounce all sorts of religious extremism. They believe in the Bible which also encourages them to respect secular authority. It is now left to the world to appeal to President Vladimir Putin to halt this attempt to wipe out witnesses from Russia "
  9. the i newspaper (UK) had the headline: "The day the world changes"
  10. dein English ist gut........solange es jeder versteht ...und das ist der es sogar super....
  11. sorry...only in German....but last sentence got my attention new UN Secretary Guterres said: "Ich glaube, es ist naiv zu sagen, dass 2017 ein Jahr des Friedens werden wird. Aber es ist unsere Pflicht, alles zu tun, damit es wenigstens ein Jahr fuer den Frieden wird." "I think it's naive to say that 2017 will be a year of peace. But it is our duty to do everything so that there will be at least a year for peace"
  12. we will have a letter read next meeting (already read in Germany) ........and this looks more like a "big announcement" to me What will be accomplish during this 2017 service year? With Jehovah's blessing and the support of his people we anticipating exiting things to come!
  13. Conventions dates for Canada now online!
  14. yes....we know them also.......nice...
  15. Our friends living in Midsomer Norton......who do you know in Frome? sorry Brother Marcus.....I ask because we know Frome congregation very well......was our last congregation for over 6 years before we moved to Chelmsford. Still visiting our friends in Frome every few month....... Our friends in Midsomer Norton believe they have to go to Frome, even Bristol would be nearer.