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  1. I think the recent talk from, William Malenfant Morality in the Last Days (2 Tim. 3:13) was outstanding in the loss of morality in the last days. Right has become wrong and wrong is right. I live in Oregon and this does not surprise me.
  2. Was doing some Bing searches and they directed me to a page of car/truck dirt art. Found this one interesting. It was under the search "Nikita Golubev dirty car art".
  3. I am deeply saddened to say the least. Even though it will be 5 years many of us in the Portland, Oregon area still think of Whitney Heichel and the outpouring of support. The world has much evil, but there are still those rightly disposed to hear the good news.
  4. A beautiful rosé gives glory to its Creator without speaking a word!
  5. Still have not scene it! Will soon!
  6. I remember 40 years ago Wendell Stai and I took a trip to Tacoma to see some movie called Star Wars. The theater was the old fashioned kind with a balcony. If you have been to downtown Tacoma on Broadway Street you will know the old theater. The bottom part was full, so we discreetly went up to the closed balcony to sit. The usher ( yes they had ushers still) came up and at first was not going to let us stay, but if you knew Wendell when he was young, he used his charm on her to let us stay. First thing we said to each other during the movie? "What's the force"? We soon found out! I miss the days of the old movie theater experience!
  7. In light of the evil in Manchester, England I have posted this reminder that soon evil will be gone on my facebook and instagram pages. I do use social media responsibly .
  8. Smaug enjoying a game of catch!
  9. My wife Debbie looking beautiful for the meeting!
  10. Not a county park, we live in rural Banks, Oregon. There is a private road with about 8-10 homes with the owners names on them. It's a nice walk that we enjoy!
  11. Dog tired, so is the knitter....
  12. Debbie & Smaug framed by nature...
  13. could you send those subliminal thoughts to my paypal acccount???
  14. Okay I did not quote Old, so that's an odd start. These are from my walk in Banks, Oregon not Arizona!