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  1. Two slug photos in arow! Yours and mine!
  2. Felt like a slug today so what did I come across? This little fellow. Also came across some unusual looking dandelions. When I come across creation I always ask why! Interesting and loving that Jehovah made his creation in abundance along with human curiosity!!
  3. Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening....from Banks, Oregon ( this is at 6am)
  4. Not a surprising decision really with the animosity between Russia and the United States. This certainly does not mean Jehovah was not listening to prayers. We need to be mindful that such events could happen quickly all over the world. The political climate all over the world is at a boiling point. The "clay & iron' are not mixing at all. Of course we will continue to pray and follow the direction of the Faithful Slave. There is a real good article, “The Battle Is Not Yours, but God’s” AS TOLD BY W. GLEN HOW , talked about the legal battles in Canada. Think about how much "Freedom" most of us enjoy. Living in a digital age we rely on such devices without hard or paper copies.Could our website ever be blocked in countries such as the USA? Of course. What would we do if we lost the ability to access that site? I have made cd's & dvd's from anything I can download. I appreciate some do not use those mediums much anymore, but to me they still have value. One could get a memory card or flash drive and store our theocratic items.
  5. You should see him, when we ask him if wants to go for a walk. He almost tries to put the leash on himself!!
  6. A long, wet winter in the Pacific Northwest produces beautiful moss on the trees where we live in Oregon.
  7. Smaug giving me a casual hint he wants to play!
  8. I use to live in Grand Rapids, I know the UP! Where is your RC?? Ours is in May also, in Portland.
  9. Beautiful Camellia flowers blooming in Oregon
  10. Interesting, the regular link works, possibly the brothers removed the information for some reasons
  11. That would 3am Michigan time, lived there for many years! 3 hours ahead of us West coast folks!
  12. I think it was too kind for Hitler. I appreciate the boldness of the brothers during this time.
  13. Photo courtesy of Ministry Ideaz on Facebook
  14. Times have changed since this experience but I feel the point is worth sharing. While living in Michigan, we attended a Circuit assembly with brothers from nearby Indiana. This was during the first President Bush was in office with Vice President Dan Quayle. A woman was crying uncontrollably in a restaurant and no one would come near her. Finally one of our Sisters came over to her table and said “I am sorry you’re in so much pain, but one day soon Jehovah God will remove all the pain and hurt we experience." The woman stopped crying, got her composure together and left without saying a word to the Sister who consoled her. A couple weeks later their paths would cross again. Our Sister was in the street work when a big black town car stops. A woman all nicely dressed gets out and approaches our Sister. "Do you remember me?" she asks. Our Sister says "I am not sure". "I was the woman in the restaurant crying out of control and you were the only one that consoled me. I was having a very, very bad day and your kindness helped me." She then explained that she was part of Vice President Dan Quayle's administration and the White House was very well aware of the work of Jehovah's Witnesses. They were a highly respected group for example that can get people to cooperate just with the wave of a hand at a large gathering. She mentioned how there is so much cooperation. She wanted to thank our Sister again for her kindness. My point? The government knows us very well. Hard to believe that was almost 30 years ago!
  15. We had our Congregation re-decorated and one of the Elders asked us how we liked it. We said we were surprised it was kind of drab and not really good for learning. I guess we should have been more discreet as it turns out his wife was one of the decorators. I have learned just be happy you have a place to meet...