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    I'm now married to a beautiful theocratic brother and now living in ghana
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    Ghana but from western australia
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    auxillary pioneer
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    i grew up in the truth

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    teaching others the bible music horses dancing singing
    love my meetings and ministry
    love helping in the quick builds and creative sewing drafting and design..but jehovah is first
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    bible, reverlation book, daniel book my song book, dictionary and any self help books
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    50s and 60s classical flamenco guitar and acapello singing
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    if you are going to learn som thing ..learn it well
    if the job is worth doing ..do it well
    dont judge a book by the cover

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  1. Please does any one have a 1977 year book I can upload

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    2. GrumpysWife
    3. GrumpysWife


      Sent link to your email. 

    4. Rozannnancarrow


      YesI  have the link 

      But still.nothing  

      The link is only 9 pages 


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