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  1. Firstly, I'd say wait until Black Friday, last year it was crazy cheap. I am actually quite pleased with it. I use it solely for ministry/meetings. It's a nice size for my ministry bag. Plus the problem I mentioned in my old post about not being able to listen to the Bible has been resolved in an update. The battery life is poor, I may have a duff one? I have to make sure I switch it off after use otherwise it runs down really quickly when idle (well compared to our iPad it does) I don't really use it much for internet surfing but when I do it's fine, no slower than my phone. Overall, I do think its value for money.
  2. I was in North Yorkshire for a short break in the summer school holidays. We stayed near Whitby and we met 2 sisters and a brother who were doing cart ministry. They were all so lovely. Do you know where it is in North Yorkshire she wants to go to? It's a fairly big area. Maybe she could contact the coordinator of the local congregation and he could find someone suitable for her to correspond with?
  3. Liked your last comment.. Interested in your displayed name. Peanuts? 

    1. Peanuts


      No interesting story behind it im afraid...i just love peanuts, i went through a stage where i seriously craved them & ate a lot and my husband started calling me peanutsAl (Al being the nickname he already had for me)

    2. Alan


      That is an interesting story! 



  4. My brother recognised Bro Boyle's (the brother who worked in the art department) voice and realised it was from this He does the voice over (its not quite caleb and sophia 😉)
  5. Did you know there is a roku app you can download and then you can use your phone or tablet as the remote. Our roku remote never really worked so ive always used my phone. My parents use a roku stick. They are not tech savvie at all but they have been getting on fine with it. (My brother set it up for them mind you!) Its a much cheaper solution than a whole new TV especially if they dont need a new one. I got an Amazon fire stick for an older sister in my cong (it was cheaper than the roku) it works fine...but i would say its slightly more complicated to access the broadcast....its not complicated just the layout is not as obvious as it is with roku. She can never remember how to do it (and she is used to using her ipad etc)
  6. Yes, i think thats the best solution. The battery life on my phone is really bad these days, so it would be handy to have!
  7. Update: Well unless I'm being dense (highly plausible) I have discovered a downside to the kindle fire. I just went to listen to the bible reading, and there is no option to do so there is no 'play' button amongst the icons. The battery life is also not particularly impressive, I used 25% at the meeting Sunday. Doesnt fill me with confidence for a full day at a convention That said, you get what you pay for, and its still great for the price!
  8. At our Aldi you have to move at the speed of light to keep up with the cashier! If you have bought lots they like you to just refill your trolley then move off somewhere else to pack it in to bags. I do my big weekly shop online and get it delivered, much easier (not from Aldi though, they dont do online shopping (yet))
  9. We don't have Walmart in the UK, but we have a supermarket called Asda which is owned by Walmart. They are one of the cheaper supermarkets, but Aldi is cheaper. i wonder if Aldi sells the same things everywhere in the world...I have certain things I like to go there for. They do the best nappies, happily my kids are done with them now though . Their fig rolls are also officially the best available. (Well in the informed opinion of our household anyway).
  10. Yes still very cheap. I think i will probably pay the £10 to lose the ads. It just annoys me when companies are sneaky like that. I was hoping to download an app for ministry for recording return visits, but one doesnt seem to exist for the kindle.
  11. So far so good. It hasnt crashed or frozen and is loading pages at the same rate or faster than my phone. The screen is nice and clear. Its the perfect size for me. (i got the 7"). Im really pleased with it . The thing i dont like is everytime i take it out of sleep mode i get ads...today i got one for "saucy romance novels"...just what i want flashing up on ministry when i go to show a video . If i want to unsubscribe from these i have to pay £10. When i bought it at £39.99 it said it was with special offers, i just thought it meant it had money off, it wasnt clear it was ads - sneaky!!
  12. Peanuts

    Fossil found in India

    Slightly off topic but this is the ichthyosaur vertebrae my husband found on the beach at Lyme Regis in Dorset this year https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxuRsnWWxriDVDhTdXJqajcxU28/view?usp=drivesdk And ive just noticed hes made a spelling mistake in his label hes already making a new one...
  13. Well, i ordered the Kindle fire today. i feel like ive gone against the very point of this thread . I will let you know how i get on. If the jw library app doesnt work on it i may donate it to my children and rescue my ipad back from them!
  14. We had a speaker from New Jersey last week (im in the UK) as he was over visiting family. Hearing a different accent like that seemed to make everyone instantly pay better attention! It helped that he spoke very clearly and was a very good speaker
  15. Thank you. I saw that you had them i wondered if yours were a recent purchase. I dont really use a tablet much, i do have the iPad, but like i said thats pretty much owned by my boys now. I just use my phone for everything. Hence, why i dont want to spend much on a tablet! I dont mind spending £50 on a kindle...but not if jw app doesnt work! I think i might just take the plunge! Edit: i just looked on Amazon and the 7" has been reduced to £39.99 now.

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