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    Raised in the Truth . My grandad originally came in the truth after someone knocked on his door and played him a phonograph.

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  1. I really hope it was vacant when this happened!
  2. The award for the best baddie voice has to go to the King of Assyria in last years Hezekiah drama "AM I A MUUULE THAT CAN BE BOUGHT FOR MONEEEEEY?" I would love to hear him speak in a normal setting
  3. Coincidentally this article http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/item/4f6b6e5d-af94-46c4-9a11-f50aae22136e popped up in my facebook newsfeed today. The reporter tried to give up plastics for 2 weeks and found it impossible.
  4. I am confident he would prefer it (rev 11:18) "... and to bring to ruin those ruining the earth.” No definitely not. The problems are too complex for man to solve. I often feel a sense of helplessness as i dutifully put out my recycling for collection, feeling like it makes no difference in the scheme of things. Fortunately, as i know the Truth, those feelings dont cause me to despair as i know Jehovah will have the perfect solution. You're right plastic waste isnt a priority right now. But it would be nice to think if we could all make some small changes i wouldnt have to worry about how much plastic was in the next bit of seafood i ate.
  5. Someone did tell me that they were building a film studio in the new Britain branch office, so who knows! (Disclaimer: they may have been wrong about the film studio, so dont quote me on that )
  6. They give away cutlery with it? Not seen that before. Thats the kind of wastage they are trying to cut down on in the UK. So in pubs they will give you a straw if you request one rather than automatically provididng it. One big pub chain has switched to paper straws. Its madness to just hand out plastic cutlery when most people dont need it.
  7. Wine and stuff like that

    Yes, looks like they dont recycle that bit. I did just find a website detailing lots of alternative re-uses for it though...including an inflatable camping pillow and another one joined loads up to make a big raft. Its making me think i should have a box of wine in my Go Bag. Purely for survival reasons of course...
  8. Wine and stuff like that

    Arent they all just cardboard with a plastic bladder in?
  9. I use environmentally friendly dishwasher detergent
  10. Wine and stuff like that

    We have a winery 10 minutes down the road from us. In the UK! The white wines are surprisingly good, the reds not so much. We just dont get enough sun to make a decent red. Their red tasted thin (if that makes sense) and more like a white. An afternoon at their open day was enternaining though. Have you seen Midsomer Murders? I felt like i was in an episode of that.
  11. Wine and stuff like that

    I read recently that boxed wine is becoming more popular, and is even being used in Michelin starred restaurants. Its for environmental reasons (lots of energy needed to make a glass bottle) but may mean more good wines available in a box!
  12. Oh this makes me sad please google about the environmental impact of all this unnecessary plastic waste. There is currently a campaign in the Uk to ban plastic straws (we use stainless steel ones at home). In the county next to us, seafood was tested for plastic and it was in 80% of samples - bad for the fish and thats our food chain! Sorry, i know it was a light hearted thread but the amount of waste humans produce depresses me! Obviously, i also know Jehovah will solve these problems - but we have to care in the mean time! Plus i hate eating off paper plates, all bendy and weak! I dont like washing up either - thats what dishwashers are for!!
  13. This really surprises me. Your written English is very good! Im sure you are better at spoken than you give yourself credit for!
  14. No, not your twisted hearing - thats exactly what we do. I have to make a conscious effort not to. Around here 'father' would sound more like 'farvah'. Funny though, because im so familiar with it it never occured to me other people would struggle to understand it I quite often listen to the Bible reading and some of the brothers have accents but their diction is so good it doesnt detract or effect (is it effect or affect? I can never remember) the understanding at all.
  15. i know your daughters! And lots of family on your husbands side (theres lots of them to know )

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