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    Arlington TX
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    Yes 12/26/2004

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    I was raised in the truth and made the truth my own at around 16 years old, getting baptized at the age of 18

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    The truth, lowriders and custom cars in general, poetry, music and healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Don’t let the profile pic fool you. While I don’t encourage unhealthy eating, I chose my pic because I couldn’t think of a better one for my profile since I wanted it to fit my profile name. My name is Jack, I’m a brother... and it’s Jack in a suit! It doesn’t get better than that!

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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/government-shutdown-2018-01-19-senate-vote-deal-latest-news-live-updates/
  2. In this interview he discusses how his faith changed his music
  3. Car Talk

    I checked out that 66 last month and the trunk floor had to be replaced because it was rusty. I’d rather get something a little more solid. It’s getting harder and harder to find these classic cars with no rust issues. So I’m back on the hunt for a 66. I might settle for another Lincoln Mark V Cartier edition like the one in the video below. They are a lot cheaper to buy and build, just harder to find in the champagne colored Cartier edition. I bought one exactly like the one in the video below in 2010. Same color and everything. It was a 32k original car in mint condition. I didn’t keep it original though. I turned it into a Lowrider. I miss lowriding a lot. I’ve been out of the game for 5 years and not having a hobby is about to drive me crazy
  4. Yes, I remember reading about this. I was so happy for him. He actually got baptized at the 2016 remain loyal to Jehovah convention but it is still great news. Omarion, one of his close friends in the music business, was studying as well. I hope he gets baptized as well. Daymon Wayans is now our brother as well
  5. Great songs. Thanks for contributing to the thread
  6. Post a picture... Any picture

    As a bald man, I noticed that too and jokingly thought the same thing
  7. Golden lady - Stevie Wonder All in love is fair - Stevie Wonder Visions - Stevie Wonder Fingertips (parts 1 & 2) - Stevie Wonder
  8. Simon - Lifehouse Sick cycle carousel- Lifehouse Somebody else’s song - Lifehouse
  9. As I said in the first post of this thread, feel free to contribute to the thread. If you don’t know the lyrics to a song, please look them up before posting
  10. More from Incubus. WARNING: these songs may be too hard for some, especially the second one. New skin - Incubus Calgone - Incubus
  11. Yeah, I really love Sting. I prefer his earlier songs. I saw him live many years ago. He put on a great show. My all time favorite Sting song is be still my beating heart Sade is one of my favorite singers. She’s so smooth. Her music just puts you to sleep like soft rain against the window pane.
  12. Be still my beating heart - Sting We work the Black seam - Sting Fortress around your hear - Sting Englishman in New York - Sting
  13. Do it again - Steely Dan Black cow - Steely Dan Peg - Steely Dan

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