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    I was raised in the truth and made the truth my own at around 16 years old, getting baptized at the age of 18

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    The truth, lowriders and custom cars in general, poetry, music and healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Don’t let the profile pic fool you. While I don’t encourage unhealthy eating, I chose my pic because I couldn’t think of a better one for my profile since I wanted it to fit my profile name. My name is Jack, I’m a brother... and it’s Jack in a suit! It doesn’t get better than that!

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  1. I hope they catch this jerk. It was good to see us getting much support.
  2. Thanks for contributing. No, it wasn’t. You can ask one of the moderators in the frequently asked questions or confidential talk with only the moderators section.
  3. Just when I thought it was hot here in Texas...
  4. You’re the inspiration - Chicago Hard to say I’m sorry/Get away - Chicago
  5. Felt like 104 with 95-100% humidity today. The humidity here is very high and that’s what makes it so brutal. Also, the cold here during the winter is bone chilling because of the humidity. Many people from up north where the temperature gets lower says our winters are worse because of the humidity.
  6. Took this picture from my weather app yesterday. It’s gonna be a hot week 😥
  7. Grind - Alice In Chains Down in a hole - Alice In Chains
  8. Sorry guys but I got busy yesterday and went to a gathering today so I’m just now getting time to post music. I am posting twice to make up for it. I can’t stop loving you - Kem Promise to love - Kem
  9. Brother Jack

    Amazing tornado video.

    This doesn’t impress Texans
  10. Share my life - Kem Love calls - Kem
  11. Thanks. I’ve tried tucking it in my shirt near my belly button but not in the section by my neck. When I would tuck it in, it would always pop out. I would think that would make a lump in my shirt and make it hard to wear a tie clip.

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