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    I was raised in the truth and made the truth my own at around 16 years old, getting baptized at the age of 18

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    The truth, lowriders and custom cars in general, poetry, music and healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Don’t let the profile pic fool you. While I don’t encourage unhealthy eating, I chose my pic because I couldn’t think of a better one for my profile since I wanted it to fit my profile name. My name is Jack, I’m a brother... and it’s Jack in a suit! It doesn’t get better than that!

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  1. You’re still the one - Shania Twain
  2. Thanks for contributing to the thread. I remember this song as well 🙂
  3. Yes, thank you. I wanted to post this but didn’t feel like looking up references. I had read that she wanted a “ greater role” in the Zion’s Watchtower magazine.
  4. Walk like an Egyptian - The Bangles
  5. Brother Jack

    The coolest hairstyle ever

    These are cool.. plus, here’s some on straighter hair. Jason Momoa probably has the nicest ones I’ve ever seen on someone with straighter hair.
  6. LOL! Looks delicious. I was messing with brother Glenn. He’s always talking about how much he loves chocolate.
  7. Brother Jack

    The coolest hairstyle ever

    According to ancient reliefs, Jews are depicted as wearing locs. Here’s some reliefs from Assyria/Nineveh. Two show them with short locs, while the other shows them with short hair. I wouldn’t have locs in the new system. I wouldn’t look good with them. I wish I would though. I have too much of a round face. I used to have an Afro and looked good with it. I will grow another one then 🙂
  8. If it does, celebrate with some chocolate
  9. Brother Jack

    My ancestry DNA results!

    Update: When I first posted my DNA results, ancestry only had about 3,000 DNA references to compare. Since they now have 16,000, my results have been updated. Turns out I’m 93% African and 7% European. No Asian and Pacific Islander like I thought before. Turns out most of my DNA is from the Cameroon, Congo, and southern Bantu People’s. Here’s some updated info on my DNA results...
  10. Brother Jack

    Apple Conference 2018

    My home button went out on my iPhone 6 Plus so I’m going to get the iPhone Xr when it’s available. Looking forward to it. I like how the iPhone 8 Plus replacement is $50 cheaper than the iPhone 8 Plus. I was afraid it was going to be more expensive considering how greedy Apple is lol.

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