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    I was raised in the truth and made the truth my own at around 16 years old, getting baptized at the age of 18

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    The truth, lowriders and custom cars in general, poetry, music and healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Don’t let the profile pic fool you. While I don’t encourage unhealthy eating, I chose my pic because I couldn’t think of a better one for my profile since I wanted it to fit my profile name. My name is Jack, I’m a brother... and it’s Jack in a suit! It doesn’t get better than that!

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  1. Dare - Gorillaz Double bass - Gorillaz
  2. El Mãnana - Gorillaz Tomorrow comes today - Gorillaz Dirty Harry - Gorillaz
  3. Thanks. I was going to post that song but totally forgot
  4. This song is very veep. The singer is singing the syllables in Fibonacci sequence. By the time you realize what’s going on, you then realize that the chorus is saying that you are doing the very thing he’s telling you not to do. This video explains it... Lateralus - Tool
  5. I hope You guys are having fun. When I created this topic, I set out to have a place where we can come to listen to music without having to worry about it containing swear words or glorifying sex and violence and we have done just that. I have a lot more songs to post so be sure to check out the thread everyday to listen to new posts. I’ve been very busy lately and have been posting songs late in the day. I will try to start posting them earlier from now on. Stay tuned
  6. You might like this song. I’ve been debating posting it for quite some time because of the religious overtones. Please excuse them. Enjoy In my time of dying - Led Zeppelin
  7. I love these songs. I was just singing to kryptonite in my car the other day. Thank you and everyone else for contributing to the thread
  8. Step in the name of love - R Kelly
  9. Yeah, it took me forever to like them. I used to hate them and it wasn’t until last year that I started to like them. There’s some other songs by them that I like that I didn’t post because they are inappropriate. There’s so many songs that after reading the lyrics I decided not to post. Like the other day I heard “little sister” by Queens Of The Stone Age and loved the song but decided not to post it after reading the lyrics because it seemed to be about incest. I used to listen to a lot of inappropriate music before I came into the truth so all the music I am posting is less than 5% of all the music I know.
  10. Here and now- Luther Vandross Power of love - Luther Vandross
  11. Go with the flow - Queens Of The Stone Age No one knows - Queens Of The Stone Age
  12. Nice pic. I’m not sure if I’ve seen any other friends on here from Alaska
  13. Eye in the sky - The Alan Parsons Project
  14. Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll - Vaughan Mason & Crew

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