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  1. Bluebell

    Drones and airports

    ...and again......hope it will not happen when we fly to Perth, Australia in few weeks.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-46803713 Departures at Heathrow have been stopped after a drone was sighted, the airport says.
  2. No. 2 2019 | Is Life Worth Living? Has a traumatic event caused you to question whether life is worth living? When Life Seems Unbearable Life is worth living despite any adversity. When Disaster Strikes The Bible provides practical guidance that can help you to recover from a natural disaster. When a Loved One Dies Consider five practical suggestions that can help you to endure the loss of a loved one. When a Spouse Is Unfaithful Many innocent mates have found comfort in the Scriptures. When You Have a Serious Illness Learn how some coped when they had a serious illness. When You Feel You Cannot Go On Have you ever felt so depressed that you thought about ending your life? Where can you turn for help? Why Life IS Worth Living While others may not understand your distressing situation, be assured that God cares and wants to help you. “He Cares for You” These Bible verses can comfort and strengthen you.
  3. Germany will have a special visit 2nd February 2019 from Brother Gerrit Loesch..... 3 hour Talk......New Bible in German at last....
  4. https://www.rferl.org/amp/kremlin-to-look-into-complaints-jehovah-s-witnesses-being-persecuted/29662787.html?__twitter_impression=true The Kremlin says it will look into charges that Jehovah's Witnesses are being subjected to persecution in Russia. Dmitry Peskov, President Vladimir Putin's spokesman, said in Moscow on December 18 that "it is necessary to look into each individual case." --------------------------------- what is going on?........is Jehovah manoeuvring that all his people will be freed....and then he is putting it in their heart to destroy B.t.G????
  5. Maybe Jehovah made it possible that not only our Brother's in South Korea can now join their families to strengthen them before the start of the gr. T. ...maybe also our Brother's in Russia now get a short respite to build up their faith......
  6. Virgin Atlantic is not bad....used them twice ...London - New York in 2013 and 2018.... Enjoy your Trip...
  7. we have a unique Kingdom Hall........in the High Street....one Main Hall 160 seats, and another 3 Halls with up to 60 seats each......one upstairs and the rest in the Basement...
  8. Booked through the airline directly ....but through 3rd po party might be even cheaper
  9. ..and take advantages of the "Black Friday" offers......just booked flights to Perth, Australia for £300 cheaper....
  10. Update: The United States branch office has confirmed that, unfortunately, a 70-year-old brother from Paradise, in Northern California, has also died as a result of the Camp Fire.
  11. So you never received the confirmation email.......I feel so sorry for you.... maybe because it is the fault of the Elder, they can still put it in ....
  12. My sister in Canada just told me that her son and daughter-in-law got accepted for Berlin...

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