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  1. I think the picture is taken from the auxiliary room behind the glass wall.....
  2. Texas Church shooting

    At least 27 dead in Texas church shooting http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-41880511
  3. didn't know that the video was original from www.theworldnewsmedia.org ...... hate this website...is from an apostate... we have in our congregation few Brother's from Greece
  4. from a brother in Greece: Don't worry brothers and Sisters this thing is common in Greece! Things like that tend to happen in the trolleys from time to time!!! We're used to it! I was just informed by an Elder that this Priest is mentally sick and he actually isn't a Priest! He dresses up like a priest! And he generally does that kind of things to other people too! You don't have to worry! And also nobody got hurt!! Everything's fine!!! And Orthodox Priests here in Greece for the past 15 years and more have never done such a thing!!! We have very peaceful relations!!! And they're very positive with our literature! This one was not a Real Priest!!!
  5. Major Earthquake in Mexico

    AWAKE! No. 5 2017 | When Disaster Strikes—Steps That Can Save Lives and AWAKE! No. 6 2017 | Is the World out of Control? ................................... so timely ...........
  6. Emergecy United Nations meeting

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-41152509 The US envoy to the UN has urged the Security Council to take the "strongest possible measures" against North Korea after its latest nuclear test. "The time has come to exhaust all diplomatic means before it is too late," Nikki Haley told an emergency meeting of the council in New York. .....teeth for the UN???
  7. Just heard from a relative who is at the moment in Paris with a member of the branch committee in Angola who I also personally know for years, that something did happen at the convention, but not as dramatic as portrayed on the verious news broadcasters. I will get a report later ...... They are at the moment in a restaurant.....
  8. https://www.jw.org/en/news/#newsAlerts BREAKING NEWS | Hurricane Harvey Strikes the Gulf Coast of Texas, USA nothing about Angola
  9. It just happened Friday .....and as the bethel (offices) is closed over the weekend... I think we would have something on Monday on jw.org only source is a newspaper and Angola-online.net, excl apostate website at the moment....
  10. received the same news......confirmed by someone we know.....but no death's among the Brother's "3 people arrested for invading an assembly and spraying a toxic substance that made brothers faint" Angola, Salão de Assembleias de Viana I am sure it will be online on jw.org latest Monday....
  11. at least one win!!! https://jw-russia.org/news/17082417-208.html The Court of Appeal confirmed the acquittal of the Sergiev Posad Elders Today, August 24, 2017, the Moscow Regional Court upheld the acquittal of two Jehovah's Witnesses from Sergiev Posad. Vyacheslav Stepanov and Andrei Sivak - are innocent. To establish this simple truth law enforcement agencies and the court took more than 7 years ! Many years of unfair prosecution of these law-abiding citizens relied on the "Reference" signed by expert Natalia Kryukova, who on October 11, 2010, after analyzing the videotapes of the sermons she read, stated that they had extremism. Expert Kryukova, among other things, is known for the fact that on the basis of her "conclusion" the Bible itself was recognized as extremist material ! After July 16, 2013 Vyacheslav Stepanov and Andrei Sivak was charged under part 2 of Art. 282 of the Criminal Code (incitement of hatred or enmity, committed by an organized group), these believers were listed as "accomplices of extremism". As a result, among other things, their accounts were blocked. Andrei Sivak was forced to leave his pedagogical work. Today's court decision means that the Sergiev Posad citizens Vyacheslav Stepanov and Andrei Sivak have the right to rehabilitation.
  12. we were told not to give any interview to the press, especially in connection with the cart witness and this is the principle ..
  13. .......so now the Russian Police know's a lot more........and this "Brother" put the whole Brotherhood in risk in Russia......
  14. yes ...we are at Excell now we can enjoy our convention even more...knowing it will be the last or??
  15. They have to attack Jehovah's name and that will be beginning of their downfall. Jehovah will not leave them unpunished... remembering Pharaoh's Pride and downfall. The foolish one says there is no Jehovah

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