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    By trying to prove that Jehovah's Witnesses did not have it!

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  1. Just thought of this one that I really enjoyed! Does not seem so, but it's really a documentary. Plastic Bag | FutureStates | PBS www.pbs.org/video/futurestates-plastic-bag/ A discarded plastic bag ventures through a barren America looking for its maker
  2. I like all that I've seen from Ken Burns. His feel honest and deep. Also enjoyed those mentioned above.
  3. There is a brother on YouTube that goes through the whole process and makes it simple. Have not tried it between phone and tablet, but it's worked between iPad, iPod Touch, Android tablet, and Amazon Fire tablet. Here's the link and I hope it helps! http://appchasers.com/2017/05/09/how-to-use-the-jw-library-app-part-5-notes-and-backup/
  4. Trying a different approach. A little device that Amazon sells for $30 called FakeTV. Auto on at dark and sets to run 4 or 7 hrs. Also a couple fake security cameras, and a little Beagle in the yard. Total cost around $50 plus a bit of dog food, not to mention we can pet and hug the barking alarm. Living on SS dictates innovation.
  5. I don't know where it came from, but hope y'all like it and maybe post one that has encouraged you...

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