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  1. Thanks, Manfred. This is the culprit. My folder was set to "read only" too. Now... how to reset it. When I go to File Explorer and reset the folder, I close it by clicking "OK." But when I reopen the folder properties, it is set back to "read only." I'll play around with it a bit. Thanks for your help. At least I have a clue and a direction to go. Mark
  2. I'm currently unable to download any videos in JW Library. When I attempt, the video will appear to download, then this box pops up: This is what I'm running: Surface Pro 3, i5 8GB 256GB class10 200GB microSD Windows 10 Pro 1702 JW Library 9.2.3406 Thinking it may be having a problem with the micro SD card, I have changed the video download folder to the C: drive - same result. I had this problem occasionally before, but now it is constant. I don't know if the problem arose immediately after a version upgrade of JW Library, but I suspect that is the case. Has anyone else had this problem? Did you find a solution? What condition prompts that error box? Thanks. Mark