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  1. I love the article, Help to Cope with Problems. I can relate to Delphine. Powerful! Where would we be without Jehovah's organization?
  2. All Things LDC

    Tortuga, you are terrific my Brother. Okay. I must confess and I hope you find this hilarious. I was approved in May, but discovered the email notification in October. I was doing the cart work with another sister who applied and I ask her for the status and she said she received her approval. I am old fashion as I thought since I applied by paper copy, I too should have received a letter from the mailman. The coordinator sat down with me and he did his part of the process. I will follow your detail instructions and hopefully with the aid of the sister, I will receive my welcome login. Thank you! Thank you! Agape.
  3. All Things LDC

    Tortuga, From the link it shows i'm unable to log into the Builder Assistant account. The sister in my Hall told me to change my password on the JW account. I have my LDC volunteer number, but to no avail, I am at a standstill. I will go out in service with her on Saturday and she told me she'll walk me through.
  4. All Things LDC

    The coordinator have already. He inputted the code. The issue is linking both website.
  5. All Things LDC

    Hello! I have been having technical difficulties connecting to both links to no avail. I sent an email but to no avail. A sister at my hall had the same issue but it was later rectified and now she was invited to participate in a new Kingdom Hall project in Maine!! Sooo happy for her. Can someone assist me, if possible? If not, I'll wait for the Brothers to reply to my help ticket.

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