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  1. I love this site! Thank you Brother Carlos! I just read paragraph 18. A faithful sister in my Hall (Hubby was a Presiding Overseer) yes, that far long ago. I think it's depression or I do not know and neither does she. However we both became True Friends (Prov 17:17) as my hubby is 'still upset' or I do not know. Sorry for my rambling. But, the article spoke volume to me. Thank you for your research- so appreciative. I will definitely make this a matter of personal study and share with my 'Spiritual Auntie'.
  2. I can feel the love from your post. Hope they are both blessed and continue serving Jehovah.
  3. My take away after reading this sentence " Do not let the apathy of others discourage or dissuade you from keeping on the watch. You know better. " You know better! It maybe Family or the householders which may discourage us but ' You know better', seems frank and straight to the point. I needed to read this!
  4. What if a family member who is a Witness provided you with their opinion about raising children, marriage counsel and you are a 'shrewd person' and do not take their advice as you are walking modestly with God. Can this person say you are not following Jehovah's principle? I just loved this morning daily text. We live only for Jehovah and no other humans/family included.
  5. Despite our trials, tribulations, sickness, Jehovah is the one who 'energizes' those who are looking forward to the New World. I really enjoyed this daily text. Now, when Friends compliment me, not only I can say ' it's Jehovah' but now can cite Philippians 2:13. Jehovah is the one who energizes me to not give up and keep running this course.
  6. I heart you brother Alan! Thank you! One of my favorite scriptures. Thank you so much. I will always remember this. 🤗
  7. I really needed to read this! Thank you! Going through alot with my husband and son. I want to runaway😕 and just live by myself. Yes, I know Jehovah is stronger/powerful than Satan but at times I know I'm on Jehovah's side but some way or the other, I fold and want to just leave because physically it's the two of them. I KNOW my Father is with me, I just have to stop being anxious and continue praying fervently to him. Thanks for letting me vent on this post.
  8. This is where I recalled 5 years in advance. WOW!! Thank you- I will re-watch again.
  9. The title maybe off but I heard the Society (Brothers) start to think about the program 5 years in advance? For example our 2018 Be Courageous Regional Convention, when did our Brothers have time to put this magnificent/awe-inspiring/no words to describe (I loved it that much) program together? YES!! It could not be achieved without Jehovah's Holy Spirit but I'm just curious. Thank you in advance.
  10. My all time favorite is---- Sunday's Closing Song from the Regional Convention🤐
  11. I really appreciated this daily text. This show the wonders of Jehovah's Organization thanks to Jesus and the Governing Body. Amazing. I was meditating on the specifics of the WT articles to improve my prayers and continue drawing close to my Father.
  12. I love, love the introduction. Yes, we all can play the victims but in all seriousness if we do not ask Jehovah for help, will we move forward? I can attest- I did. Rather sooner than later but I throw my burden on him every waking moment.
  13. Going through my own trial (my 14 year daughter went to sleep one day and did not wake up the following day). I'm ok- Thanks to Jehovah! I have literally seen his hands in my life. Anyhoo, my other Favorite text is also from the Apostle Paul. I visualize myself saying to Jehovah, after the 1000 years, " I have fought the fine fight, I have run the race to the finish, I have observed the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7
  14. Yes he did and this is why he's one of my favorite Bible writers.!!
  15. "Recall, too, that for a time, a brother in Corinth was “living with his father’s wife.” (1 Cor. 5:1) When we think of what Jehovah had to see during all these years and now in our present day, we all can agree, his patience is truly amazing.

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