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  1. I really appreciated this daily text. This show the wonders of Jehovah's Organization thanks to Jesus and the Governing Body. Amazing. I was meditating on the specifics of the WT articles to improve my prayers and continue drawing close to my Father.
  2. I love, love the introduction. Yes, we all can play the victims but in all seriousness if we do not ask Jehovah for help, will we move forward? I can attest- I did. Rather sooner than later but I throw my burden on him every waking moment.
  3. Going through my own trial (my 14 year daughter went to sleep one day and did not wake up the following day). I'm ok- Thanks to Jehovah! I have literally seen his hands in my life. Anyhoo, my other Favorite text is also from the Apostle Paul. I visualize myself saying to Jehovah, after the 1000 years, " I have fought the fine fight, I have run the race to the finish, I have observed the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7
  4. Yes he did and this is why he's one of my favorite Bible writers.!!
  5. "Recall, too, that for a time, a brother in Corinth was “living with his father’s wife.” (1 Cor. 5:1) When we think of what Jehovah had to see during all these years and now in our present day, we all can agree, his patience is truly amazing.
  6. This was so peaceful! I rewind more than 3 times!!!
  7. Every since I was a child, I LOVED, LOVED Rev.4:11. I learned it growing up and attending the French Congregation." Tu est digne Jehovah, de recevoir l'honneur'. that's all I know.. and of course, Proverbs 27:11. As a grown up, both scriptures have more significance and touch me more than when I was a child.
  8. What stood out for me was the article "He Could Have Had God's Favor ". Wow!! The paragraph states " But to enjoy divine favor, we must first and foremost support true worship and stick to it." I have made my vow to my Father and come what may, I will continue to let Jehovah sustain me.
  9. Brother Stravo, I maybe inept in technology. I am unable to read the transcript. Do you have it in another format? If not it is ok. I really love this talk. We are being warn and now the question is, are we ready for what's to come.
  10. At Jehovah's table!! Where WE belong!! Psalms 23:5!!!
  11. Very True! The Brothers and the Governing Body Brothers work tirelessly. I just preached to a co-worker and he's from Liberia and imagine, he can read and understand in his mother tongue. Wow!
  12. nicolette

    Keego Harbor Murder Suicide

    Sad. I grew up with a bipolar cousin and I know first hand what family members must endure, the ordeal of ''hiding belongings' or ' walking on eggshells'. Back to the story- those were not her real friends at all. If only she relied on Jehovah.
  13. This is ' Enduring Loss'. It shows what we have to do. This is comforting for the children and adults as well. Thank you for sharing.

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