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Monday, April 16 Love one another intensely from the heart.​—1 Pet. 1:22.

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Monday, April 16

Love one another intensely from the heart.—1 Pet. 1:22.


Bible accounts highlight the privilege we have of showing “brotherly affection” and serving one another. (Luke 22:24-27) The Son of God gave everything, including his life, in ministering to others. (Matt. 20:28) Dorcas “abounded in good deeds and gifts of mercy.” (Acts 9:36, 39) Mary, a sister in Rome, “worked hard” in behalf of those in the congregation. (Rom. 16:6) How can we help new ones grasp the importance of helping their brothers and sisters? Mature Witnesses can invite new ones to come along when visiting the sick and the elderly. If appropriate, parents can take their children on such visits. Elders can work with others in making sure that our dear older ones have good food and that their homes are maintained. In these ways, younger ones and those newly associated learn to perform acts of kindness for others and to appreciate that all in the congregation should feel loved.—Rom. 12:10. w16.08 4:13, 14

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This scripture also talks about purifying our hearts before we can show this “unhypocritical” brother affection. It’s a privilege, a special right, a rare opportunity. Our motives and hearts have to be pure so we can do this for everyone especially older ones, widows, and single parents.

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