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Shiver me timbers....Arrrgh.....

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A man was sitting at a bar one day when a pirate walked in. The pirate had a wooden leg, a hook for one hand, and a patch over one eye. Feeling sorry for the pirate, the man said, “Come over here, my friend. You look as though you’ve had a tough life and I’d like to buy you a drink.” The pirate gladly went over to the man who ordered him a rum. Then the man asked the pirate, “I’m curious, how did you lose your leg?” “Arrrgh!” said the pirate, “I lost that timber to a tiger shark in the Caribbean when I was thrown overboard for stealing a man’s rum.” “Wow, that’s awful!” said the man. “And tell me, how did you lose your hand?” “Arrrgh!” replied the pirate, “I lost that fighting cannibals on a treasure island.” “Oh my word!” the man said, “How awful! And tell me, how did you lose your eye?” The pirate said, “Arrrgh! A seagull pooped in it!” “A seagull!” The man was surprised. He asked, “Is seagull poop dangerous?!” The pirate said, “Nay, matey, it was me first day with the hook.”

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