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Sunday, January 20 ~ Strip off the old personality with its practices.​—Col. 3:9

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Sunday, January 20

Strip off the old personality with its practices.—Col. 3:9.


What would you do if your clothing became dirty, perhaps even having a foul odor? You would strip off the soiled garment as soon as possible. Similarly, we need to act with urgency in obeying the command to strip off habits that are contrary to God’s personality. We want to heed Paul’s clear instruction to Christians in his day: “You must put them all away from you.” One of the sinful practices listed by Paul is sexual immorality. (Col. 3:5-9) The meaning of the original Bible word translated “sexual immorality” includes sexual relations between individuals who are not legally married to each other and homosexuality. Paul told fellow Christians to “deaden” their “body members”—that is, to eliminate any desires—“as respects sexual immorality.” Paul’s descriptive language clearly shows that strong measures are needed to wipe out such wrong desires. Yet, the fight against sinful desires can be won. w17.08 18 ¶5-6

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I love the story of the little boy that went camping with some friends. About the 4th or 5th days he couldn't put his boots on, so someone helped him and discovered he had on 5 pairs of socks. His mother had told him to put on a clean pair every day but hadn't told him to take the old pair off. 


It's a funny story because you think common sense would tell you to strip off the old clothing before you put on new clothing, yet Paul felt it was necessary to be very specific...

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