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muslims attacking christians

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Here's something else that Satan is going to pull on the entire world:


Amazing statics!  It’s just another way that Satan is trying to permanently rule the world...although, we know that Jehovah will not allow it!  Without knowledge of the truth it’s an ominous video; thank goodness we know that the only forthcoming global worship is one that is pure, from Jehovah and under Jesus’ rulership for 1,000 years.



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The history of western intelligence organizations and religion, be it Christendom, Islam or some other flavor is fascinating.  They play one religious group off some other group, including atheists and secularists.  Get them all worked up and then stand back with feigned shock and surprise.  This allows them to distract the world's populations away from coveted desires for natural resources or just power over others.


I often wonder if this fomented unrest gets away from them, if this is what will finally trigger the attack from the wild beast again BTG.



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Christians attacking Muslims


It seems to go back and forth, eh?

Good thing Jehovah's people - true Christians - stay out of these things.



I think even when they do they are still effected by it like in Bulgaria, I don't know if you've seen those videos. 

BUT.... on the other side of the fence... They also are protecting them! Crazy world no?








And Christians protecting Muslims against the military...




People better wake up, Jehovah's kingdom is the only answer...


I wonder if these people would have helped JW's if that happened to us?

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I think this is just another proof that this is really Satan's organization.  All members of BTG have the same aspirations and goals.  So to them it's normal to stand together against common foes whether it's a particular government, their military or an idea (ex. gay marriage).  We don't side with them on any issue, so they are not motivated to collaborate with us.  In fact, factions of BTG come together when they instigate government-based persecution against Jehovah's people.



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