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Social Security Disability

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I'm looking for help in deciding the best course to take with regard to getting social security disability. I have diabetic amyotrophy which occurs in patients with diabetes (more likely in those with type II than type I). It usually involves weakness and excruciating pain in the muscles of the thigh, hip, and buttocks. The symptoms usually occur on one side of the body but may involve both sides. One percent of diabetics get diabetic amyotrophy.

I almost always use a cane or walker. I at one time was a lift truck operator, but I was removed from that because of my condition, I'm now sitting next to a belt trimming potatoes. Now, because the company that I work for is building a new plant, which will start up in a few months, I'm looking at being let go due to them laying off 800 people. If that happens, I will get severance pay and will be able to get unemployment along with possibly getting some form of retirement.

So, I was wondering if anyone has some form of incite on the best way of going about getting social security disability. I know it took my mother 2 years before she got her social security disability. In 2009 after I was removed from my lift truck job, I went on a 6 month short term disability in which I tried for my social security disability on my own, but was denied twice. Then, because of my financial situation, I had to go back to work, and the company was able to give me the job I have today.

Any help from possibly one of you who had to get social security disability would be appreciated.

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I haven't, but I did know someone who tried to get it on her own without success.  She then called that law firm that advertises on TV all the time (Binder & Binder), and they came through for her. 


Hope this helps.  :)

Live long and prosper. 🖖🏻

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First you have to get a doctor to say that you are disabled. Unable to work. Then you need to go to the SS office and fill out the paperwork. I have found that you get refused a couple of times. Then you go to a disability lawyer, usually located next door to the SS office, and they will help you file a claim again and for a fee that they take after you get approved. It is a flat fee of a percentage of your first check. Once you are approved the money is retroactive from the first time you applied. Hope this helps.............Vernalee

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I haven't, but I did know someone who tried to get it on her own without success. She then called that law firm that advertises on TV all the time (Binder & Binder), and they came through for her.

Hope this helps. :)

Binder and Binder was what I was thinking about, but wasn't sure if they were any good.


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I work in the medical industry, and getting SS Disability is not always easy, but you need to keep trying to get it.


Social Security turns down the majority people the first attempt.  Social Security is hoping that if you are turned down, you will just let the matter go and not try again.  Sadly, many people do that.  They figure they applied, were denied, so that's the end of it.


Once you apply once or twice on your own, if you are turned down, the next step is to talk to a lawyer who specializes in Social Security.  A good lawyer will let you know right away, yes you have a good case, or no you won't get approved.  


My mom got approved her first attempt, and it only took a few months.  She had several conditions that were listed on the approved disease list that Social Security uses.  My uncle though was turned down several times, and after obtaining a lawyer, he finally got it, took a few years though.

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I applied for SS about 2 years ago. It was on Oct.1, 2009 or so. I applied and filled out the forms over the internet (pretty easy). SS then obtained all my records from the doctors at the VA (thats where I go). Within 30 days a got an answer back from SS and it was approved. There was a 6 month waiting period to get my 1st  check because if a person has assets valued at over $3000 then they make you wait the 6 months.


So I guess it just depends on how quick your doctors responds and all the lab tests and MRI's and ultra sounds and all that kind of good so that SS can make a determination in your case. I know for some people they have to get a lawyer and go through all that rigg-a-marol. But for me is was quite simple, except for the 6 mo. waiting.


Hope its helps. 

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I can vouch for what advice you got in here.  You can try on your own, or you can lawyer up.  I had doctor's (surgeons/neurosurgeons) to assist me, plus my primacy care.  I applied on my own, and after several months I was denied.  Then a friend advised me to find an attorney that deals with SS.  Well, he was much longer in getting me the disability, the federal Judge granted my petition,  not SSI, but S.S. Disability.  He (judge) advised me that since I had worked for over 30 years, I would be entitled to this kind of retirement disability.  And in 3 months after getting a favorable review, I got Medicare too.    


Hope it works out for you my brother!   We'll keep you in our prayers. 

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