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Hemp Seed Oil

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There are many very good natural oils out there. This is one that is a good oil with many benefits. Why do you ask? Just curious.

Organic caster is another understated and often neglected oil. And Emu, well, I'm using Emu now and can say I'll probably keep it on the shelf from now on.

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A sister told me she and her husband saved some money to enjoy a dinner and a movie.  She prepared in advance some brownies to take inside the theater since they could not afford theater snacks.

She said she pulled them out of her purse and the two young men behind her were whispering "I can/t believe they brought brownies to the movie"  She said her husband turned around and asked them if they would like one.  They were dumbfounded and said yes.  She gave them each one and they thanked her.  Later her husband said "you know they were expecting those brownies to contain pot"  She said they got to laughing and giggling so much about these kids having such an idea that they could not quit laughing. 

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Thanks for all your answers. 


Sister Cheryl you got it in one!..... the "H" word. The witnesses that I have spoken to about Hemp Seed Oil, their eyes have widened (maybe thinking that word should not even be in my vocabulary!).


I have done a lot of research and wanted to make sure of this oil before using it. I have been experimenting with all these natural oils for health and body care, but this was the only one I hesitated with.  I Wanted to use this oil for many, many years as the benefits are enormous. I felt my conscience was clear and kept reassuring myself that it's just another vegetable oil! - but in the back of my mind, the "H" word did bother me.


Thanks all.


Yahoo!....I'm gonna bathe in it!........

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