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Reopened Bloodless Medicine & Surgery Program

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(Hi, if this is in the wrong forum, please be so kind to put where it belongs.  I wasn't quite sure myself)

This is an email I received about 10 minute ago.  I thought it would be important enough to put out for all in my area and the DC area, or even those traveling through the area who may have an emergency. 





Good Morning,


As many of you may have heard, MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center (MFSMC) has reopened its Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program doors!  We are thrilled that you will now be able to conveniently access our comprehensive services, whether you are a resident in the Baltimore area, or reside in DC.


Although we have two separate locations to serve you, our program teams at MFSMC and MedStar Georgetown University Hospital (MGUH) collaborate closely with one another, and we are linked by one program coordinator, Mike Hofmann.   We also share the same goal – to provide you the support and assistance you need in managing your medical needs without the use of blood.  We encourage you to contact us so we can answer your questions, help you locate a physician who will respect your wishes, and assist you in any other medical need you may have.  To reach the program office at MFSMC (Baltimore) dial (443) 777-7793, or to reach the program office at MGUH (DC) dial (202) 444-1797.


We are also happy to present our first joint issue of the Bloodless Medicine & Surgery Program’s newsletter, The FOCUS.  Here is what you will find inside: 

  • Patient’s Perspective: Hear how one patient suffered for years before finding relief at MGUH for cervical spine damage caused by a head-on automobile collision. 
  • Physician Spotlight: Daniel L. Picard, MD – Chairman of Department of Surgery and the new Medical Director of the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program at MFSMC.
  • Read about the resurrection of the bloodless program at MFSMC and a recap of its successful open house in A Bloodless Program is Revived in Baltimore.
  • Meet the new nurse coordinator of the bloodless program at MFSMC, Jeong Chae.


Please continue to help us spread the word about these two comprehensive bloodless programs in your area.  Share The FOCUS with your friends and family, and encourage them to join our mailing list by calling either office at (443) 777-7793 or (202) 444-1797.  Thank you!




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Mike Hofmann is a brother -had set up programs in Baltimore area -went to Georgetown U Hospital, greater Washington, DC when they set up their program - I had heard this other place closed down their program for awhile.

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I haven't heard anything yet, at least they reopened this center.  They were closed and some politicians and other medical people were against it.  But Jehovah prevailed.  This hospital that is near me, usually takes in more victims of shootings and murder.  But am so glad now they have a center where if one needs serious surgeries, they can do it without blood.    I also heard John Hopkins has a bloodless center too.  But that's to far for me so am glad in a small way, this hospital reopened up its closed doors. 

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(Hi, if this is in the wrong forum, please be so kind to put where it belongs.  I wasn't quite sure myself)



Ah! Believe it not, this one got me stumped too :P


It doesn't belong in Christian Life, Dedication, Meetings, & Ministry because it is not a topic about some aspect of life as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. It doesn't belong in Deep Bible Research for obvious reasons. It's not journalism, so that's a "no" for the News forums. It may have been a topic for General Chit Chat (our 'everything else' dump for non-theocratic topics) but it still just a teensy weensy theocratic, being about non-blood, etc, which may also be of Public Interest to our brothers and sisters wordwide, even non-members.


So, good choice! (tu)

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