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g83 2/8 p. 13 Put It in Writing! Gen 23:13

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An account in the Bible at Genesis chapter 23 well illustrates these legal principles. Here we learn of Abraham’s purchase of a burial plot for his beloved wife, Sarah. The scene opens at the gate of the city where business was regularly transacted. Abraham begins by respectfully bowing down to the sons of Heth. He straightforwardly requests “the cave of Machpelah” belonging to Ephron and offers to pay “the full amount of silver.” Instead, Ephron offers to “give” not only the cave but also the surrounding field. But Abraham insists on paying. Possibly Ephron’s promise to “give” him the land could later have been challenged. So the price of “four hundred silver shekels” is agreed upon and paid.—Genesis 23:1-20.
In this real-life event both parties were respectful. The sale took place in front of witnesses and according to established legal procedures. And while it is not specifically stated that a written deed was signed, it does show that the boundaries of the land purchased were explicitly “confirmed.”—Genesis 23:17.
Abraham knew that relying on vague promises was no way to conduct business. Follow his example. For instance, if you want your neighbor friend to paint your entranceway, get together with him and work out the details. Specifically, what does “entranceway” encompass? What color? What kind of paint? When should the job be completed? At what price?
Putting It in Writing
A contract does not have to be written in difficult language to be legally binding or effective. Clear, simple words can be used. Unfortunately, contracts are often worded in ways that only experts can decipher. There was an insurance company president who could not comprehend parts of his own homeowner’s policy! So pompous words may cause confusion.
Likely you can handle the writing out of your simple contract by jotting down the points you have agreed upon, dating the document and signing it in duplicate. Bear in mind, however, that complex contracts, such as real-estate sales, are best left to professionals.
Before You Sign on the Dotted Line
You may be thrust into situations where you feel pressured to sign something. Hospitals, for example, often ask patients to sign many forms. Or a busy insurance agent asks you to sign a lengthy, detailed policy. However, it is important that you understand what you sign, as ignorance may not excuse you legally.
So ask questions. Does this form give the hospital permission to perform an operation you don’t want or to give you treatment that may in some way be objectionable? Does the insurance policy really fit your needs? Look out for phrases such as “not responsible.” It may mean just that! Make sure you understand the essential elements of any document you sign.


I suggest you consider the whole subject

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This hits home right now. We are in the middle of selling a piece of property. We don't have any Agent involved so the buyer is allowing us to use his attorney to write up the sale agreement. I will only have to pay my attorney to read it and make sure it's all in order. It is vital to have all aspects- boundaries, utilities, tax information- all clear and out in the open. And vital to have an authority of some sort to read the 'fine print' to be sure it fits for both parties. 


Thank-you for posting this information, I feel it was meant for me.  :exclamation:  :exclamation:  :exclamation:

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