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Hi, I have a questions for anyone on here.  I ordered something from Amazon from a 3rd party.  The picture on the Amazon site showed what I wanted and so I ordered it.  When I got the order it was not what I ordered.  I went to their RETURN ITEM page, and was advised that "this is a none returnable item."  I sent a message through Amazon to the 3rd party and I am waiting for their response.  This cost me a pretty penny, and am upset.  Has anyone on here ever had any experience with getting a wrong order through Amazon?  And if so, how did you get ahold of the 3rd party company that sent the in correct order? 



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My husband is looking for a number he has. Amazon will back it up. You just need to get to the right person. And, before you do anything, find out if you need a return reference number. This can make a big difference in the amount you get back. When, and if all else fails, threaten to dispute it with the credit card that you use to back up Amazon. They really don't like that. At all. And credit cards are pretty good in supporting you.

But Amazon will give you the support you need. It can be a tedious process. But just wade through it. With Amazon, I'd ask for a supervisor. He can't find the number. Sorry.

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1 (888) 280-3321 (Consumer)
Amazon.com, Customer service
866-216-1072 Don't press or say anything OR press 0
Average Wait: 3 mins
Make sure you do what Bea says if you don't get results. They definitely won't like the problem.


Thank you for the number and information from Ms. Bea, and you.  I called  the number and your right, no one likes bad publicity! They are going to refund me.  It will take up to 5 or 10 business days, and the reference no., will come as soon as they resolve it.  They no longer give you over the phone reference #'s,  they come through email.   So, I have to wait till that happens.   I'll keep you two informed how things turn out.  Thanks so much both of you! 

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