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all the name are form my congregation and the Halls in my area 






All are yesterday are still are tomorrows, Star Date. 1209740.6




Admiral Bobby was siting at home, looking out the window and

Thinking of the past. It had been raining and he considering if he had 

made the right decision on his promotion. He thought about his crew

Rachel now a Capt. And would be taking command of her ship in

A few days. Kitt & Julie were taking command of star bas 23.

Jeses Chef engineer would be going to the U.E.S.S Mountain Shadows.

After 8 weeks on the Piner creek, helping with the new engines.

when the Doorbell rang  it was Rachel, and most of his old crew

 they Came in Kit and Julie took a Seat, Rachel walk up to Him 

Hear open this, as he opened it oh what is oh! Rommel ale .

Bobby ask when did you get this is a long what form home

 Kit: turned  yeah we have the same Friends

 That brings them to Earth For time to time

Rachel then took the bottle and opened it and pored it into some glass

 and served the drinks, But bobby seemed distend.  

 Rachel then ask why are treating this like a funeral,

He turned looked at her and replied , there has not been one of those

in a Few millions years,   she look at him! you know what i mean

IM just falling the rules and regulations, Julie rolled her eyes

 You should not have taken that promotion. All in the room agreed

He walked over to the char and sat down next to Kitt. He turned

 and said  Bobby get your command back be for its really to late,  

As the evening moved on ever one left ,


    StarDate 1309850.9


   The next morning  admiral Thomas was on a transport to WarWick  HQ

with in a few mins he was at HQ After leaving the transport, and walking in to HQ

run into admiral Andrew L Fox, Admiral Thomas had served under for many years and

new his wife Janell and son mason who was thinking of applying to the Academy

hear! hear are your orders and Crew assignments  you know  she a brand new ship take care of her

i will! so what will Starfleet core of engineering think of next  first it was impulse,

then warp speed, then trans-warp  speed , now we have ion engines,  Andy laugh,

you know young minds these days. Beside that it’s just the prototype! Starfleet core of engineering is watching this one himself. 

 Bobby look at Andrew, and said  i  will give Larry a fool report when we get back

 He will be waiting for it !

He turn and walked down the corridor and stared thinking about Larry promotion

4 years ago to Starfleet core of engineering he  walked in to the Transporter room

 Lt: Iran beam me to the Piner Creek.

Lt: Iran sorry sir the Piner's transporter is not working I can beam to the station.

ok that will have to do! energize



Space Station 1


   Bobby walks out of the Transporter room in to the hall way as he walked and turned a

corner he ran into  Jesse!  i didn't see you and Angela last night

Yeah i was making final preparation,  and Angela is on Risa with Veronica and Danial i

will be with them after the test is over . oh what about the Mountain Shadows. She

will pick me two weeks after I get to Risa. Hmm I spose you would like us to drop you off.

Yes that would be nice of you do that. as they walked up to the transport pod,

I can do that! Take me over will you.  they wake in to the pod the doors closed and the green light came on!  the pod detached and slowly made its way to U.E.S..S Piner Creek 1982 -E

and a few mins of flying around the Star Ship,

 Jesse :She is 2 time as Big as the old ship  she has 124 more Crew.

 Yes i know im glad to have you in back! in engineering for 8 weeks

new ship and crew there just Kids. Fresh  out of  the academy!

 they made one last pass and docked  the pod on the port side

after hearing the docking clamps and seeing the green light go off and the doors opened

 as they walk out the crew were standing at attention.







U.E.S..S Piner Creek 1982 -E

 someone yield  admiral on Deck, welcome aboard, Capt Nicole Moreci

replied. She look at Jesse, your need in engineering

I Sir, and left for his post. She truned to bobby and said

will we be ready  in 93 hrs.  will you be inspecting the ship at

this point? no later!

Very well then i will see you on the Bridge. Nicole turned to a Lt

show the Admiral to his quarters! I Sir.

 Bobby unpacks his things. And put them away. He stared look over the Crew manifest

And his orders, the order were just routine, as he was going over the Crew assignments

 He saw some familiar names, Lt: Malia Cook her parents  had served on the Piner Creek in

the riley days. When ship were just starting out on warp speed,  he left his quarters

and walked to the nearest turbo lift , and proceeded with the inspecting  of the ship

after the inspecting  the ship  he went to the Bridge, as he entered,

 he was the new Bridge and the hustle and bustle! That when he heard

 Admiral is on the Bridge!

Capt Nicole look at Bobby and said were running ahead of schedule.


Nicole look at Amanda who was sitting at the sciences consoles Amanda!

Lt. Amanda  Bain just out of Starfleet  Academy took the kobayashi maru test

Hoping this assignments will help her make Capt.

She look at the  Capt! yes Sir!

have you ever piloted a Starship out of space Dock  um no!

take he out! Lt Amanda, she  posed for a min then look at the Admiral

And back the Capt. yes sir!

Amanda walked up the center seat and sate down

Helm! clear all mourning! 1 quarters   impulse power

Lt. Malia Cook Helms officer,  new at this post scrod high on

the  kobayashi maru test,  10 min’s later  Malia turned to Amanda:

 we have Cleared space dock  course and Speed, Sir.

Amanda look at Nicole she turned and look at the Admiral

course and Speed, Sir.  walk up and Said Course is DS10.

 After we clear the solar system we will be testing the new engines,

Bobby: Malia ! your mom and Dad are Justine and Joel Cook

Malia: yes sir! He smiled its good to have  a Cook at the Helm , i bet there

prod of you, I hope so Sir, Welcome aboard,  Thank you Sir, She replayed

 then  he turn to the  Capt as she was sitting down. let me know when we leave

The Solar system, I will be in the ready room, I Sir









StarDate 150926.8


about 40 min’s later the  Piner Creek had left the System

over the con the admiral heard  Nicole asking for Him, and answered it

Yes! you ask to be in formed when we left the system! 

Very well im on my way!

after steeping on to the Bridge, the Ship when-ed to Red Alert

 Nicole turned quietly and ask Ensign Amy what are the senors  picking up

 she look at the Capt there is an anomaly right in front of is Sir!!!!!!!!

Nicole: avasoft maneuvers!! Now LT. Co.....

to late !!!!!!! Lt Cook replied

the  anomaly had drawn them in!!!!!!!! The Piner Creek had Came to a fool Stop

Capt Nicole: is every one OK? i need a fool ship status and lets get the power back on

engineering! how long be for we get power back

Chief Jesse: just a few min’s and as he said that, the ships power came back on

Thank you Jesse! Nicole turned to the Communications officer  

Ensign Joey Mentch  he graduated at the top of his Class in studying

Linguistics . Sir. all decks have reported in! No damage and only  miner injury’s

Very well Contact Starfleet and let them know what is going on

Lt: Cook let see where we are. I sir

Ensign Joey : Capt unable to contact Starfleet or DS10

She walk over What!! It all most like their not there even the

communications station are not responding.

That odd, Lt Cook what is are present location

umm Sir you should see this

They both walked over and looked to see were they were

Bobby NO!!!!! that’s not imposable!!!! Let’s see that on the View screen 

Lt Cook: I Sir

Bobby we are in orbit around Jupiter!!!!


Captains log Stardate unknown

   We have gone throw a an anomaly we lost all communications

 With Starfleet, DS10 and any starship out there for right

It seems we are alone out here. And were in orbit around Jupiter

And we should have been all most to DS10 the ship is in good condition

And the crew are a little rattled. But ok! End log

Petty officer Zak Muser  Navigation officer just out of  Starfleet  Academy

The study of Navigating a starship, Navigator set a cores for Earth, I sir

As they laid in a course for Earth, The science officer was doing a long rang

Scan, this is interesting! Nicole walked over What is it now?

Im Scanning large amount of debris in orbit, is it  the star bass or

 Starships? No the derby dose not match up to the size of a bass or ship

However im picking up a bass or vessel in orbit, Nicole look at Lt Cook put

it on the View screen, and put us In the same orbit, and give a visual on it. I sir



As the Brige crew looked at the ship some stared to realize what they

Were look at, the other’s didn’t What!!! That’s not imposable!!!!

 Lt Cook replied, We dismantled her Bobby said

The Admiral turn toward the turbo lift I’m going down there to see what is going on

Nicole quickly reminded the Admiral of regulations. General Order 15 barring you from

beaming into a unknown situation without first establishing communication, we can’t raise

Starfleet, at least take a escort with you he stop and turn and said Amanda, Cook, just then

The Chief Medical Doctor walked on the Bridge. I was hoping to run in to you.

Chief Medical Doctor:  Chris Knight 200 years as a Doctor his current assignments is the

The Piner Creek, he served 75 of those years with the Admiral,

 I heard we lost communication with Starfleet, yes we did, and you’re not going down

There,  what do you  think, im going with just in case, fine join the landing party.

Nicole have 4 crewmen meet me in the transporter room 1. I sir

As they walk in to the transporter room the coordinates were being set

And they walked on to the pads and materialize inside in one of the buildings at HQ.

Ensign Amy wells science officer

Nicole: turned to Amy give me a full atmosphere scan. I sir, a few min’s later

Sir From the radioactive isotopes in the atmosphere I would estimate we have arrived approximately

22 years after. The Third World War.

Nicole what! She walked over to the clock on the Helm just to see if the clock hat the current Date

The power whined out, engineering what happen? Don’t know sir!  then put us on emergence power!

Sorry sir that not working as well! Very well! Let’s get a debriefing in 10 min’s form all


The briefing Room:

  The Caption, the Chef engineer, communications officer, sat in there chars

 Nicole look at Jesse what happed, unknown she just turn herself off the odd part is she still

Maintaining orbit, life-support  and shields are steel working,   Joey then replied can we get power to  communications so we can contact the landing party, No not without knowing why she turn herself  off, Jesse! locate the problem and fix it,  Sir we have to look at another factor.

When a ship is completely dead a ship cannot Maintaining orbit, life-support or have the shields operating, Nicole sate back in the chair, and though for a few min’s

Joey leaned forward and said Jehovah Could


On earth at HQ

 Bobby and the landing party had been searching all the buildings, they grouped

It was all the same the building had been burned and gutted! then bobby realized

One of the crewmen had not came back, that when they heard a scream, coming from one of the buildings, the ran towards and interned the far building. To were the crewmen was , there was a Skelton had been there a long time, Amanda started to look around and saw a Magazine she pick

It up and look at it, then gave it to the Admiral, as he look at, he realist were they were

Chris; took his Tricorder and start to scan the area, cofferdam, the radioactive isotopes in the atmosphere we will be fine for now! Malia: Sir I can’t contact the Piner Creek Sir! Then all tried there  communicators

None were working.

  Suddenly they heard a machine gun bolt being pulled back, the landing party turn and seen

5 UN solders standing there, Holt! One of them said, this area is off limits,  he what up to the

Landing party and ask for their ID’s and paper work, then seeing the Magazine and grabbing

Then look at the Magazine he look up at the landing party. This is contraband you all under a rest,

They were taken to a nearby Bas, to be prosed, when a general saw them He walk up and

Asked the UN officer were he found them, we found them in the Watchtower buildings

Oh I see, take this one, to the interrogation room pointing to the Admiral,

And the rest put in the camp, Yes Sir.

So what your name Mr.

Bobby Thomas

What is this some kind of new uniform that you witness are wearing

No it just something I throw one this morning 

The general now made grabbed Bobby by the jacket

DON’T GET SMART!!!! With me your I will put you a way for the next

1 million years! As he let go if the jacket, bobby slid back into the chair

And under his breath said that would just be about right.

Just then someone walk in to the room Sir, the president would like a word with

You, Fine put him with the others, yes Sir


As the guards exhorted bobby in to were the other were then leaving him behind the gate

They all walked up Admiral are you ok, yeah IM fine, Amanda ask where are we anyway

What is this place, it all most seem familiar, ok let’s find out lets split up and look a round

Meet back hear in one Hour, ever one replied ok Admiral.

One Hour later the all had returned, Report!  Chris: replied first they have medical building, that is Were they may have taken my Med kit, the encampment is fairly large replied Malia 

  It look they made weapons hear at one time,

I know where we are were in the first haft of the 21st century 

What! are you sheer?  Sir replied! one of the crewmen.

Didn’t you read any history, The works of

Justine Cook or Emily Miller or Scott Burnett or SJ

Umm no Sir I skipped history Sir

Milia turn to the young crewmen they all wrought about the last Days

Amanda then said they all talked about the underground. THAT Right !!!!

Chris Replied the publications was still being made and distributed  

 How long do we have? Admiral. I don’t know maybe Hours, Days no more

Than a week for now on in tell we get back to the Piner Creek no one is to address

Anyone by rank, only by first names, we need to find a way to get back to the Piner Creek

Caption Log Star date unknown

  We are in Earth past some were in the final last Days; I worry about the 4 young crewmen

 They were born after the thousand years had started.  For the rest of us we remember

How it was, has one Vulcan put it, it was a barbaric time in human history. My first priority

Is to get us out of here and back to the ship. End Log

 As the landing party was siting and going over there options, they had a visitor

Welcome, my Brothers and sister to encampment # 47 IM Oliver Cook, Malia

Look up and under her breath Oliver!! After all the introduction were done

Oliver invited them for diner; they all got to know some of the friends there

And got a better idea were in the time line they were,

 As Milia left, Oliver got up and fallowed Malia! She turned, you know

I had a sister named Malia, oh! In response it a very pretty name,

You I didn’t get you last name! just then Bobby walk up Malia, Chris

Need to see you, Ok, it was nice to chat with you, ok see you latter

Oliver! I need to speak to Matt he turned  and now was looking at Bobby

It very important that we speak to him, I can tell him whatever the message is

No I must do it, I would like you to trust me on this one, Oliver thought for a few min’s

I don’t know why but do get the feeling that I should trust you, you know I had a sister named

Malia in Calf, at one time, oh were is she now! she died, mom and I came to warwick for the tore

The buildings, Dad and my two sister were to come a few days later,  but that when it all happened the War, sorry to hear! Is you mom in this camp to no she pass away few years ago

I will see them agene soon Anny way I will see what I can do for you. Later that night

Oliver walked up to bobby we can meet Matt tonight, be ready, ok then

bobby walk up to Chris and Amanda I want you two to get are stuff tonight we are leaving

At 130am Chris and Amanda snuck in to one of the Med Buildings, as started looking around

they look in four rooms be for finding the tri-corders and there other stuff , Chris start to put one of the hypo spray to gather, Amanda go see what’s over there and see if we can use any thing

ok! As she was looking around a guard came in. Holt!! what are you doing in hear? Amanda look at him just looking around Chris came up from behind him and used the hypo on him, he will be out for hours, let’s go!

As they there returned, they walk up to bobby, any problems, No Sir. We got everything that was Are’s, Good! 

 About 45 min’s latter, Oliver showed up ready? Yeah! Let’s go as the left the barracks

They were headed to one of the far abandoned buildings a voiding all the guards. The

When inside  and the far back room were two witness were waiting

They had moved the desk and the wood floor there was a hole that had been dug out

When do they do a head count, they don’t, not any more, oh ok latter then.

 An Hour later they came to an opening. They all started walking west toward the burned out City of New York About haft way they all stop to rest. All were resting, Bobby got up and walk a little way form the camp fire, and was looking at the night sky


I have seen that look you be for bobby turned oh..  You Have Chris yeah on Terrress 5,

You had a dilemma leave the landing party behind and safe the ship or save the landing party

And risk the ship and crew. So what is the dilemma this time we both know how history plays out

In a few Hrs. This system will end; I wanted to tell them what going to happen, I never told you that I was in one of the encampments I to know what going to happen the UN giving the order to execute everyone.

And then the system ending. Just as that order was about to be cared out Bobby do you think , That Jehovah would let you change the time line!

No Don’t think so! Your right. So when we get to New York where are we going?  I read that a

Few years after the war had started that US had put a lessening post there and after that the UN took over and it was abandon. it will  Have all we need to contact the Piner Creek, ok so  what do we do about Oliver we can’t just take him with us,

Just then they heard Malia and Oliver walking by. Malia!! Malia!! yes you know you never did tell me

Your last name? I would like to look up after all this is over. Oh.. well you know maybe it not a good idea what if we get separated and captured. Oh!  Yeah your right, you know I still can’t shack the filling I know form some were.

 Where you born in North Ca. yes!   Malia replied so was I Malia the said maybe we were in the same Hall or same assembly And played to getter as Kids, Oliver stood there thinking for a min maybe but I fill there more to it. I can’t put my finger on it.

Right then Bobby and Chris walk up Malia! She stood at attention Oliver picks up on this

He turns to Bobby who are you! You’re not with the military are you! You’re not here to

Destroy the underground are you! No I can Asher you were not going to Destroy the underground

And were not with the military, and as far as who we are where fellow Brothers and sisters

Malia stepped closer to Oliver and put her hand on his shoulder you’re Not caching us at are Best, Bobby Replied this is true I asked you to trust me! I still asking that of you

I Do despite the double talk. For some OD reason I do trust you. But I fill that I know the both of you

And don’t say we were born in the same place it more than that, he then look at Malia its like your

My….. just then Chris walked up behind Oliver and  used the hypo on him, Malia caught him in her Arms and slowly lowered him to the ground and pulled off her jacket and lad it on the ground for a Pillow! As she lend over him she whispered I will see you on the other side Little Brother 

As the landing party approached the burned out City of New York, the sun started to come up they

Could see the ruined City, life signs, no Sir! However plants and animals are slowly taking over

The City, sir the lessening post is just too are west and it dose appear in tatted sir

Good time is running out. Has they made their way to the lessening post. And

Entered the building, one of them turned and looked at the water it was turning red

And the clouds were increasing, Lets Go people inside. Amanda you and Malia and 2

Crewmen find that generator the rest with me yes Sir! As Amanda, Malia and the 2 crewmen

Made their way to the generator Room one of the crewmen spoke up, how dose the Admiral

Know there is a generator in this Building Both Amanda; Malia looked at the Crewman really

You should read more History, right after the Fall of the old System a lot of the stuff was used

Included the generator from this Building, they interred the room and started to work no getting the

Generator up and working, the Admiral and the other inter the command room, Chris look out the

Window it had started to rain and saw lighting then they heard the thunder, they all stopped

What they were doing and they heard a building falling and hitting the ground. I hope they get

That generator up and going, the lighting became fiercer and it started to rain even harder

The light came on within a few min the rest of the landing party came to the command room

We need to a line the satellite first and then we can contact the Piner Creek, just then lighting

Strike came through the window’ all the landing party saw!  Was a bright light.

They had been instantly transported to the Piner Creek, the Bridge crew saw the as that

They beamed on to the Bridge. Admiral! The Captain as she saw them in mid transport

Just then the view screen came on and Bobby walk up to Captain Nicole stasis, we have no power

To the ship and view screen and sensors just came on as you been a board was that you’re doing

No it was not us Sir

Sir! Look its Earth the clouds were covering it, bobby walked over to the sensors

Stasis of the cloud cover, Earth will be completely covered in 1 hr. Sir


So it begun! The beginning of the Jehovah New Gov. and the end of the old one

Sir The sensors are saying the Ship is in movement but I don’t have Helm control

The ship was turning, Sir the anomaly its back and were headed right for it

With a few min’s they had past threw the anomaly, the power to the Ship and came back on

Amanda had sat down at sciences console Sir a cording to the senior logs we teats of the new Engines

Was successful Sir Joey turned and said Sir DS10 is contacting us , very wall put it the screen

This is Admiral Thomas, this is, Captain Granmoogie of DS10 we lost you for a sec. are you guys ok

Yeah were good were about an Hr. a way, Very well see you when u get there . Captain Granmoogie


One Hr. later one of the crewmen came to the Admiral quarters, sir we have a rived at DS10

Ok thank you, Sir I pick one of those book out on history, good, Sir why do you think

Jehovah sanded us to that time paired, maybe to remind us that Humans cannot direct hi steeps

And to remind us how barbaric we were, I see sir I’ll take your stuff sir the caption is in transporter room 4 Sir, that you Crewmen.

 As bobby walked up to the transporter room Captain Nicole was standing there

Admiral you took a Risk, yes I did if you like siting in that set some time you need to

Take a few Risks I see I will remember that, I would take you home, you would be going in the rough direction, take care of your self-Admiral, you too,

Bobby steep in to the room. Lt Malia was standing in the room Sir I spoke with my family

And Oliver he didn’t remember anything and the mom and dad say Hello and would like to know when you were headed back to Earth, I don’t know right now as Bobby step on the pad

I would like to keep in touch sir, sound good I can Tell you a few stories about you

Parents, yes sir looking forward to it, energize,  

Captain Granmoogie was waiting in the transporter room, Captain Permission to come a board

Granted, and welcome a board to DS10


The End


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