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Homosexual Clergy in the Methodist Church

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It looks like the Methodists in the US are in for a big split between the progressives and the socially conservatives (mostly African and Asian) in the near future over homosexual clergy and homosexual marriage.


The title of the story sounds over dramatic but reading what this priest is saying it really does sound like an uprising against traditional values held by the Methodists. A few weeks ago there was a similar story about one of the major Presbyterian denominations currently voting over the issue. At the time about 69 congregations, less than half, had voted against any possibility of the denomination endorsing homosexual marriage in the US.

I think we are seeing a winnowing in Christendom - the various churches are splitting faster and faster than ever with an ever smaller core of members holding to traditional Christian values (even if they still teach false doctrines, they still hold to the sanctity of marriage and many other social doctrines we uphold) while an ever growing group are being mired in leftist politics such as social justice and even siding with neopagans atheists against Christians who do uphold these traditions including us. Most of these leftist churches are placing man's desires before anything the Bible commands, even going so far as to say that many of the things the Bible says are outdated and outmoded. It is rather interesting to watch the shenanigans going on in these denominations with the left leaning churches getting further from the Truth than Christendom has ever been in the past and watching this small core of social conservatives appear. These are not necessarily the same as political conservatives, some still for left leaning parties like the Democarats but remain opposed to many of the progressive political and religious doctrines.

If we are fortunate we are beginning to see a major separation in the world with those who do truly have God and Christ in their hearts, even if they are currently blinded to the Truth being winnowed out of the greater mass of "Christians" who put mankind and mankind's teachings before God's.

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The only major church I know of that doesn't endorse homosexuality (other than us) is the Mormons (LDS). As a whole they still fight against it. I wonder when this will change?

note: I know the Pope doesn't endorse homosexuality, but I know many of the priests do.

Plan ahead as if Armageddon will not come in your lifetime, but lead your life as if it will come tomorrow (w 2004 Dec. 1 page 29)


Soon .....

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