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Right wing armed militia have taken over a federal building in Oregan

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Armed militia protestors have taken over a federal building in Oregan amidst what they say is an overreach on the part of the government taking their land. They are not backing down until the government gives back the land the government took from them.

This is what all those conspiracy theorists have been saying will happen they have been talking about people taking a stand against the government and the government will have to do something. The sad thing is the militia says they will not back down they are willing to fight till death.

This is the United States not something normal, the iron is mixed with clay for sure.

We are living in critical times for sure.


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There is a lot more to this than meets the eye, upon first glance..


The Bundy boys are, as is their father, fundamentalist Mormans. Their grandfather was run off some property by the Federal Government for failure to pay taxes. Their dad, Cliven, had the same issue, years later...


They have the Morman attitude towards Feds, and are looking to get people over to their way of thinking, and appear to be using this incident to rally people.

It is interesting to note that the Hammonds themselves want nothing to do with the Bundys


The Hammonds have a history of poaching on Fed land, and starting illegal fires on the same Federally protected land, this last time the fire they set almost overran a State Fire crew that was in the area working a fire and the Hammonds, not checking if anyone was around, set it behind them, trapping the crew between 2 fires...happily, no injuries..


At the building in question, one of the men guarding the road, when asked his name, responded with 'Caption Maroni'


If you do a little research, Capt M was a renowned figure in Morman lore. He apparently was a leader of some anti-government forces that helped some down trodden common folk, and he was very critical of the government and their treatment of the people...


The Bundy boys, one of them named Ammon(another big name in Morman lore), said that they didnt care so much about the particular timing or the people involved in the Hammond issue, they just needed 'a place'...like, a kick off point to rally around.


So, a few years from now, we can look back and put this incident in proper perspective, seeing, possibly, how it was just another stepping stone to the destruction of Babylon the grate.....(and yes, I spelt it that way on purpose)


Let Your Kingdom come, Jehovah, we patiently await.... :praying::bible2::yes:

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