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This system really stinks - bombing hospitals in Aleppo

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This just breaks my heart.  Those brave doctors are doing all they can to help, at great risk of their own lives.  May Jehovah bring the end soon - I know he has his timetable and sees all that is happening.  I know he knows how much more of this we can bear.  This is truly sickening though...


Hab 1:2 How long, O Jehovah, must I cry for help, but you do not hear? How long must I ask for help from violence, but you do not intervene?

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I think we can clearly see how bad all sides are in this conflict when they bomb villages in IS controlled areas killing mainly civilians, children.  A village near Aleppo is the latest in the US led bombing "mistakes".


"It seems that the Syrian Democratic Forces under the leadership of the International coalition which is in charge of planning have decided to adopt a scorched earth policy," Hasan al-Nifi, a community leader in Manbij, told Al Jazeera...


The Manbij area has seen intense US-led air strikes in support of Kurdish-led forces who are trying to seize the city from ISIL, so as to block the armed group's access to the nearby Turkish border.  

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War, food shortages, starvation, sickness, injuries, death, destruction.  There can be no worse place on earth.


"A humanitarian truce would, could work in the following manner: we get 72 hours' notice to go and we get a pause in the fighting for 48 hours," he said.

"That is what we need. That is what it takes to have a lifeline to places where people are at the brink of starvation. Eastern Aleppo has become such a place."



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Aleppo - quite possibly the end is near for those besieged in that city.  Starvation and a slow death for many.  The rebels are losing, and Assad's government forces along with the Russian, Kurdish and others do not care to spare those innocents.

Months of such punishment lie ahead for Aleppo, as the stage is prepared for the Syrian endgame - a game the rebels look doomed to lose, along with their entire anti-Assad revolution.




It is to no avail they wait for human governments and organisations to help them.  They are all "words" and no action.  Aleppo's dramas have gone largely unnoticed by Europe and the West, preoccupied with their own dramas closer to home - the Nice attacks, the US shootings, the Turkish coup attempt, the Brexit fallout... Syria's moderate opposition groups have suffered years of broken promises of support from the international community.


Only Jehovah can see those poor people in their desolation, suffering.  He is the only one who is able to undo all the trauma of this part of the world, soon.



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