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Dwarf galaxies suggest dark matter theory may be wrong[

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Dwarf galaxies suggest dark matter theory may be wrong

Scientists' predictions about the mysterious dark matter purported to make up most of the mass of the Universe may have to be revised.

Research on dwarf galaxies suggests they cannot form in the way they do if dark matter exists in the form that the most common model requires it to.

That may mean that the Large Hadron Collider will not be able to spot it.

Leading cosmologist Carlos Frenk spoke of the "disturbing" developments at the British Science Festival in Bradford.

The current theory holds that around 4% of the Universe is made up of normal matter - the stuff of stars, planets and people - and around 21% of it is dark matter.

The remainder is made up of what is known as dark energy, an even less understood hypothetical component of the Universe that would explain its ever-increasing expansion.

Scientists' best ideas for the formation and structure of the Universe form what is called the "cosmological standard model", or lambda-CDM - which predicts elementary particles in the form of cold dark matter (CDM).

Scientists working on the problem have recently expressed dismay at the universally negative results coming from the LHC, and this has led some to consider that the standard model may be wrong.

Prof Frenk said that after working for 35 years with the predictions of the standard model, he is "losing sleep" over the results of the simulations.

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It would appear this is another cog in the wheel of trying to prove the big bang theory....

I liked this comment on a forum where they were talking about it...

To: decimon

Man tries soooooo hard to figure all this stuff out...the order of it. It can't reproduce it...not on paper or for real.

When will man admit his proper place in the universe instead of trying to defend his superiority over God by simple denial.

Of course we've made strides in all sciences...it's amazing....but someone was ALWAYS and FOREVER...one step ahead of us....laying the foundations of our discoveries.

Footnote...Morality wise...we've gone backwards...a right to destroy a new life, an unborn child. I'll always be ashamed of our country for this approach and the forcing of the gay life style upon us. Shame on the USA.

16 posted on Friday September 16, 23:45:02 GMT+0100 2011 by Sacajaweau

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Wonderful article.This shows man knows so little,I love Job 26:14 in the NW but also in the Living English Bible it says

"There,these are the edges of his course,and what a whispered thing it is we hear of him!

but the thunder of his energies who may percieve?"

Mankind has only heard a whisper about the creator through his creation,despite their years of scientific studies how vain to find out

the conclusion is based upon their wrong guesses,35 yrs too late.

Even if some right conclusions are reached at times they still look foolish to those who truly know Jehovah,for being filled with pride,getting their names known,even winning a Nobel prize for figuring out a whisper belonging to someone that most of them deny exist.They learn about the edges, the fringes and think they are something great.Actually it would be something great and wonderful if they gave the glory to the one who truly deserves it.So now they must take the credit for their ignorance.And pitch a lifes work."The fool has said in his heart there is no Jehovah."

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Nice article!. . . Had me laughing the whole way!. . . I've always thought the dark energy / matter theories were a load of hogwash . . . But then again, it is mainstream cosmologogy, and it's the closest thing we have to explaining pretty much everything we can.

In the same bracket, you will find the red shift rule, which is also a key element in defending the "Big Bang Theory". . . . If these few simple principles are found false, our whole understanding of the universe will collapse. Which says alot about just how little we know. . . . It's like trying to stack a hundred bricks on top of two small stones.

But this isn't necessarily good news to advocates of the Creator. . . The problem is that in recent years, the "Big Bang Theory" has been edited, to cover up all of the idiosyncraries. It's no longer incompatible with the "Creator Theory".

In the beginning, the Big Bang Theory held that the start of the Universe was an unplanned and uncontrolled event. It said that it came about by chance, when a collision between two bodies caused a contraction, then combustion through friction, and then expansion.

All of that simply cannot be proven. Now, the theory is really what some call the "inflation theory", which simply states that the universe had a finite beginning, and has been expanding since the beginning, and is still expanding right now.

This theory does not contradict the Bible's account of creation. Yet, scientists still call it the "Big Bang Theory" even though they've removed the "Bang".

Many Awake! Articles have been written on dark matter and the expansion theory.

I still believe that those theories were just invented to fill the gaps of what we are far from discovering.

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