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Grate story - "Vacant House Yields Late Owner's Stash of Cash" - Jerry the Plumber

It seems that there are still honest people in the world. We are created in God's image and those qualities are part of who we are. :bouncing:

It is nice to see.

(pun intended ;) )

Plan ahead as if Armageddon will not come in your lifetime, but lead your life as if it will come tomorrow (w 2004 Dec. 1 page 29)


Soon .....

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Honesty is pretty much a thing of the past. We had a homeless kid staying with us he kept coming home with things, a music player thing, brand new looking back pack, etc he said he "just found". I told him to advertise them on Craigslist or take them to the police. He never did either. In fact with the music player his girlfriends family said it was stolen and they would turn him in so he gave it to THEM. I told him to turn it in to the police and if they don't find the owner then it would be his. Needless to say this character is gone. I was helping a friend of my daughters took her to Wal Mart. As we left and got outside the doors, I looked down and found a Wal Mart gift card. I picked it up and went back inside to turn it in to Customer Service and the girl said "no, don't, call and see if there is any money on it". Just then a young lady came out wild eyed looking on the floor and I asked did she lose something and she said yes her gift card so I was able to return that. (It wasn't there when we went in so I knew it hadn't been there long) Over 10 years ago I worked for a podiatry group doing medical transcription. Walking in I saw one of the doctors ahead of me on the sidewalk. Turning the corner I saw an envelope on the sidewalk. It was full of money. I counted up to $1,000 and gave up. So I was on my way in the door to ask the doctor if he'd lost anything and if he hadn't I would turn it in to the police on my lunch hour. As I got to the door the Dr. came out running and wild-eyed (this is how I know the look, lol) and asked if he had lost anything and he said yes an envelope of money. So I gave it to him. It was money he was going to deposit to pay their monthly bills (for his home not the practice). And other simple stuff like backing into a car while I was helping my daughter move into and apt complex and since I had no way to know who owned it I left a note with my name, phone num, insurance. As I was leaving, I saw in the rearview mirror ppl standing around the car so I turned around and went back to give the lady my information. She said her car had been hit before and no one left their information. In fact, after the dent I put in it was repaired some one else hit her again and ppl SAW who it was and the driver insists it wasn't them. We have had to put a padlock on our medicine cabinet (not the behind the mirror type it is like a kitchen cabinet) because my husband is on very powerful painkillers and someone has stolen them-TWICE. We suspect the homeless kid had a hand in it or someone we know as no one else knew where they were AND they got past the dogs! We finally sent the homeless boy home to Fla we bought the bus ticket. I took out the bed in the spare room and am making it into a "reading room" No more taking in "strays".

Get more exercise....walk with Jehovah!

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We had someone talk to us about theft in the work place. They were an "expert" in the field of security and profiling /personality traits. It seems like they classified theft into the following categories. 1. The person who accidently takes something home from work (a pen, pencil, etc) and when they realize it they bring it back the next day and feels guilty for doing this. 2. The person that accidently takes something home then when realizes it thinks it is of no consequence and takes it out of their pocket and keeps it at home. 3. The next type is the person whose situation has changed (sickness, job loss, medical bills, spouse unemployment) and steals things to help out due to the "situation" they are experiencing and plans to get the money back before it is noticed. 4. The person who believes they are a valuable part of the team and are underpaid so they ease their mind into thinking that the boss is a doofus and without them the business would fail. 5. The person who is a sociopath and looks for ways to steal and has no remorse fro their wrongdoing. The expert also said that the personality type for #4 is the worse in their opinion because they are not mentally ill as the sociopath is---they are hardened thiefs . They said this type of personality is seen when someone is a over achiever or does not want to take a vacation or etended days off because they are in fear someone will uncover their stealing. This reminds me of our bar tender who comes in early, stays late, works extremely hard and we praised her constantly. She was building our trust and confidence in her so as to divert blame. I guess I fall into somewhere between 1-2---I have taken things home from working as a nurse--my pockets were filled with bandaides, antibiotic ointments, Tylenol packages, etc. I would remove them for laundry then sometimes I would take them back and other times I would think how useful they would come in at home...



Thankful to be among friends everyday!

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