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Irish show support for liberalizing abortion laws

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Support appeared to decrease with age.


Well duh! Older, wiser people have seen the negative effects on whose who have been scarred by making a bad decision or by being pressured into unwanted abortions. Younger, stupider people only think about unprotected sex without consequences - A hefty helping of self-gratification first, and a little murder here and a little murder there to keep those responsibilities and calls for maturity far away from them.


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Just a few thoughts on abortion I wanted to mention, and didn't want to open a new thread.

1st trimester abortions are often considered okay by people because they don't consider the fetus an actual person, since the fetus has no heartbeat or brain activity.

This, however, is incorrect. After as few as 5 weeks (this is barely when most women realize their pregnant) the heart starts beating and not much later, the first neural activity begins.


2nd trimester abortions are often considered acceptable in cases of rape, when the child has a defect, or the mother may be at risk of dying during or before childbirth.


First of all, all of these cases combined are very rarely the motivating factor.


Also, what few people know is that abortion of 2nd trimester children is basically like taking a developed baby apart in the mothers womb. It has distinctive body parts, organs, a face. It has been observed that the fetus gets an elevated heart rate and tries to evade the doctor's clamp, which you would consider obvious proof that it is frightened.


Apart from the fact that doctors are often wrong in their predictions of birth defects, the idea of denying a child its right to live based on such a prediction is tantamount to "eugenics", a practise that the Nazis get condemned for, namely the killing of so-called "degenerates" for the sake of a healthier and better society. Disgusting, how this has become acceptable. Other cultures abort babies because of their sex (predominantly females). Why does society not consider that acceptable? Where will they ever draw a line? The question is sometimes posed that if parents could determine ahead of time that a child may have a high likelihood to turn out gay, would it be acceptable if the parents "choice" was to abort the child?


And when it comes to rape babies, I for one think that the best thing a couple can do to face the trauma of a rape is to take the child as a blessing and decide to love and  nurture it as your own child - even a man can accept such a child and simply say it is "his child" for the sake of the mother  - but that's just my opinion. I have never heard of a couple that made this decision and made the best of it, but I remember it came up in the movie "Rob Roy" and it was a compelling scene where the father says the child is his child, it made me realize what a strong man you have to be to be able to do that.


Mary: I am carrying a child and I do not know who is the father.
Rob Roy: Ach, Mary. Mary.
Mary: I could not kill it, husband.
Rob Roy: It is not the child who needs killing.

Indeed, isn't it crazy how society hates these rape babies, treats them as garbage and sentences them to death, while pampering the rapist, resocializing and in some countries even protecting his identity? I know of cases from the news where the victim is continually stalked by her predator after he returns from prison. The Mosaic Law makes no exception for the abortion of rape babies, but it certainly demands the blood of the rapist. What hypocrisy we live in!


I hate this subject so much, I get angry when I debate it with my worldly friends. They can tell how passionate I am about our society's fake moral standards when it comes to abortion.

I can be very tolerant of many, many issues, from people's sexual orientation to their abuse of alcohol and drugs. But abortion is an issue where I have a zero-tolerance mentality.

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