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Virtual Covered Dish Dinner this Saturday---RSVP Please!!!

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You are invited to a virtual covered dish dinner this Saturday at 6PM. There will be fun and games for all. Please participate by signing in with the recipe for the dish you will bring and how it happens to be in your collection. Along with this cite your favorite first person/life story that you have read and the date of publication Tell what you liked most about the article. I know it is hard to narrow it down so if you can decide list your top three. Tables will be set up for the food. No need to bring drinks for there will be plenty for all!

Since I will be hosting the event I will go first. My favorite personal accounts are "How I kicked the Drug Habit"--it should be obvious why I liked it---he kicked a deadly addiction that causes so much pain to all involved. The article details/chronicles his story with drugs--what it does not say is that I spoke to his father who I found out later came into the truth. I don't have my WTL on the Mac so I can reference the publication date but I believe the mid 70's or about. I am sure of the title though. The other was the life story of Teresa Graves (the Bikini Girl from Laugh-In) I loved this because she gave up fame and fortune (from a worldly view to serve Jehovah faithfully). She later died in a tragic fire in LA caused from a space heater. She had attended her meeting that very night. The laugh-out loud first person account was from Street Brawler to Christian Minsiter---you will have to read it yourself. I loved all the changes this man made.

I will provide my recipe for carnitas. They are tender/crispy shredded pieces of pork that hs been marinaded at least 12 hours in a Coke?Orange Juice mixture then baked in a slow oven then crisped under the broiler. Alot of work and worth every bit! Take a three to five pound pork shoulder and rub it well with a mixture of the following---1/2 cup of brown sugar mixed with 2 T chili powder, 2 Tablespoons of ground cumin, and 2 T of Mexican Oregano. Let it set overnight in a foil wraped package. The following day put it in a dutch oven (or a big fol pan like a turkey pan) and pour over 3 C of Coke (NOT Diet Coke) and 3 cup of Orange Juice, add 1 small can of diced green chilies. Put it in a moderate overn and bake for 5 hours (350 for 5 hours). Make sure your pan is sealed tightly with your foil wrap where the mositure will stay in. Remove from oven and take the foil off. Take a fork and test the tenderness of the pork. It should easily pull apart. If not return to oven and continue baking till it does. You can not overcook this meat if sealed well with foil. Cook another hour and check again. Now take two forks and shred the meat. Rempve the meat from the liquid and place in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Place it under a broiler and wach it closed. You want to broil the meat until it is crispy and dark on the ends/tips. Take your liquid and pour it into a pan and add another 1/2 cup of brown sugar. Simmer it until it reduces by 1/3. Make a corn starch slurry and stir it into your gently boiling liquid and make your sauce. Cook until thickened and serve along side of the meat. We have this served over rice or we have it in tacos with the sauce to top it like a salsa. It is fabulous.

I will also provide a green apple sangria punch. Take a gallon of any type red wine and pour it into your punch bowl. Take 2 C of green apple vodka and add to the wine. Take 1/2 c of Triple Sec or Grand Mariner and add to your bowl. Take 1 cup of Vanilla syrup (like they use at Starbucks to flavor their coffee drinks) and mix with the liqours. Stir well and add 2 liters of 7-up. This makes a great Sangria--instead of fruit it is fruit liquours.

Hope to see you then!



Thankful to be among friends everyday!

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Leslie, we seem to have crossed so many paths spiritually despite you being in CA and me in OH/WV learning the truth. The brother who's life story that your talking about is one of the first brothers who called at my apt. He probably doesn't know I came in the truth. The Drug Habit AW Anyway he was pioneering in the 2nd Kingdom hall I began attending when I started in the truth.

I moved alot back then I got baptized at my 4th Hall. I heard Br. Noga's father went to Girard, OH cong not far from me. By Youngstown. I never met him. His experience helped me also and the brothers had a sister study with me who had similar background also. That helped. I was so unstable I'd stop at the payphone on my way out of town and call my study conductor and tell her I was leaving town. I only got to chpt 11 of the PE book. But they baptized me. Haha. Not very well grounded though. But one thing from the moment I learned who Jehovah was I loved him and I am absolutely completely devoted to him with my whole heart. I've always felt this way, even if I wonder how he feels about me at times, I love him completely. Well all that being said... I'm a vegan sooo I'll bring lentals and couscous. Sat. I'm going to a karioki at 4pm and so I'll be late for yours at 6(haha)

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Hi Leslie... just thinking back on Br. Gawaine Noga(Drug Habit expereince)... he did a nice thing for me after he and the sisters came to visit, my smoke filled apt. He and another sister invited me roller skating. It doesn't seem like much but it meant alot to me that they would take someone like me somewhere, wholesome. I was studying but had things to work on still. I really wanted to do all I could to be like them. At every meeting he would shake my hand and all the friends were very encouraging that was in Dunbar, WV cong.

The sister studying with me would tell me during the WT OK, you answer this one, and I did everything she said. I was such a blank page spiritually and had to be taught everything right down to honey, sisters wear pantyhose to meetings(haha) Now they don't, they wear toe rings and ankle bracelets. When I moved up here a sister took me' in' and taught me all sorts of things about shopping, cooking, make-up, doing my hair. I had none of that growing up. See how loving Jehovah's people are?

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This makes a good little party dish...

Spinach Salad

1 cup pecans

1/4 cup sugar

On low heat, melt sugar with pecans. Stir and watch until coated.

Cool and separate if needed

2 bunches triple washed spinach, dried

Red onion (to taste) sliced paper thin. Soak slices in ice water if you want it milder up to 30 min. Drain and dry.

2 oranges, peeled and sectioned. Valencias are good if available.


2 teaspoons poppy seeds 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar

1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon dry mustard

1/3 cup sugar 1 cup olive oil

Shake up dressing in a jar to combine well

Allow plenty of time to wash and dry spinach. Tear into bite sized pieces (or use baby spinach.) This is pretty in a glass bowl. Dress just before serving. (makes much more dressing than you will need.....use sparingly) xoxox

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I don't always make myself easily understood. I will PM you later re: How I Kicked the Drug Habit"---it is very interesting how I spoke to Bro. Noga's father. I got to go fix a call in order for some chicken quesadilla's.



Thankful to be among friends everyday!

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