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illustration request

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A while back there was an illustration going around, it had to do with an angel visiting a rich family and a poor family. In the illustration the angel built a wall around the rich people's money, and he killed the poor people's only cow. There was a moral to the story of we don't know what goes on. Does anyone have that?

thank you

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I saw this online, but I don't think you could use it in a talk:

Two Traveling Angels

Two traveling Angels appearing cold, poor, hungry and in need of a place to stay for the evening knock on the door of a mansion.

The owner of the mansion refuses to allow them to stay in the main house.

"Put them up for the evening in the basement." He insisted to his butler.

That evening as the angels lay in the cold basement the elder angel notices a large hole in the wall and immediately seals it up.

While traveling the very next day the younger angel asked , "Why did you help that man? He had a huge house and plenty of food, but refused to share and made us sleep in the cold , cold basement."

."Nothing is as it seems." Replied the elder angel.

The very next evening the angels come upon the home of a poor farmer and his wife.

The couple allow them in , feed them supper and since the angels appear exhausted, the poor couple insit the angels sleep in their bed that evening.

The very next morning upon awakening to the screams and sobbing of horror and despair coming from the farmers wife , the younger angel looks out into the field,

Marie, the farmer's only dairy cow and sole source of income lay dead in the field.

Angrily , the Younger angel asks the elder angel, "How could you let this happen.? The poor farmer and his wife gave all they had, yet you let their only cow die!"

The rich man offered no food and made us sleep in the cold, cold, basement yet you helped him, you fixed his wall!"

"Nothing is as it seems." The elder angel replied.

"There was gold in that wall. Since the rich man refused to share what he had I sealed the wall up so that he would never find it.

Last night when the Angel of Death came for the poor farmers wife, I gave him the cow instead."

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I saw this online, but I don't think you could use it in a talk:


That is it exactly.

Thank you.

I don't want it for a talk I want to encourage some in our cong. Nothing is as it seems. There are so many it seems like we all have problems of one sort or another. The important thing is to vindicate Jehovah's name and sovereignity.

thank you again

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Maybe you could change the ending from the angel of death to - something was wrong with the cow - diseased - like hoof & mouth or something and he killed the cow to prevent the farmers from dying.

You could even add something positive like - A wild goat was heard bleating as they walked away.

Just some ideas.

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