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Flies !!!

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I am wondering if there are any brothers here who may deal with houses with a fly infestation ?? I just need some adice as its driving me nuts !

I moved into this house last September (rented) its a new house only around 4 years old... I have a feeling that flies maybe nesting in the insulation in the attic? every day I seem to have around 50 + flies appear upstairs, they are a bit dopey like they have just hatched out, I normally spray them or kill them somehow.

This is giving me the creeps as its only February, just what will it be like in the summer ?? they aare coming down in the upstairs bathroom through the vents and also seem to be getting into the downlighters that are covered in glass in the bathrooms...

I am going to mention it to the landlord this week, has anyone ever dealt with this kind of thing before...

I have questions... do they need a dead body as in rat to hatch out on, or could they use the insulation ?

the landlord said once before that I have to break the cycle !! but the flies were here when I moved in and show no signs of leaving :(

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place a gallon ziploc bag 1/4 -1/3 filled with water outside near the door jamb of each door and open window, ( nail it up about shoulder height or where the sunlight can hit it good)

the sun reflecting off the water messes with the flie's ability to see and will discourage them from entering, then you will have to deal with the ones currently inside

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Annie I wonder if a dusting of food grade diatomaceous earth where they might land would work. It is very sharp and it shreds their little bodies. I ordered mine online, and it's good for all sorts of things.....food grade only though, not the kind used for swimming pools. And careful not to breathe it or get it in your eyes...it "floats" on air. I just blow on the cloud and it moves away.

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There are probably dead things that attract the flies to lay their eggs in. Maggots only supply of food is the rotting flesh or garbage. Something is there drawing flies! :deadhorse: This is the only smiley with flies in it!

Will it help to hit said dead animals with a stick? It doesn't seem to be helping the smiley. :raspberry:

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Give me a day, let me talk to my uncle. He owns his own exterminator business. Been doing it over 30 years.

Thanks Micah, I have asthma and so could not go anywhere near the house while its being treated I also don't like the idea of harmful chemicals... I'm letting the landlord know on Saturday when I pay the rent

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