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Excellent No carb/ low carb snacks

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For those of you that like the Atkins diet or want low/no carb snacks I am sure you will enjoy these.

Pepperoni Chips

Take as many Pepperoni slices as you would like and lay them out on paper towels in a single layer. Microwave approx 90 seconds to 2 mins. All of the grease will come out of them and saturate the paper towels. I hate Pepperoni but love it this way. Take the pepperoni chips and dip them in a warm marinara sauce. These are so good. I believe you will be like me and enjoy them even if you hate pepperoni.

Kale Chips

Wash fresh kale and dry leaves gently with paper towels. Spray or spritz lightly with olive oil. Lay on a cookie sheet and bake in a 350degree oven for approx 15-20mins. Remove from oven and sprinkle with kosher salt. These are very good and even my picky grandsons like them better than potato chips.

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Sure Christopher. Kosher salt has nothing to do with any type of "rituals" performed to make it Kosher. It is simply the type of salt used that is common to cure meats that are kosher. It is a larger grain salt (actually flakey) that does not contain idione or some other additives if I recall correctly. It also does not taste "as salty" as table salt. I use it exclusively for cooking. It is easier to control the salt (I keep it in a glass covered bowl next to the stove for easy use). You just use your fingers to pinch the salt and season the food. The large grains of salt stick easily to the food (this is what removes the surface blood from the meat) and when you see certain foods with larger flakes of salt you know it to be kosher--or sea salt. You should try it sometime.

I love to cook and have a daughter who thinks the kitchen is there only to hold soda, milk and packages of condiments from all her fast food establishemnts. I remember going to CA on vacation and arriving at her house early. We called her at work and she said the key was under a rock by the door and for us to go on in and rest. WE went to the kitchen where I whought I would prepare dinner for them for that night and looked in the frig to determine what I could fix. NOTHING except two gallons of milk, a variety of flavored waters, gatoraide and two produce drawers filled to the brim with packages of ketsup, salad dressings, taco sauce etc!

My husband went to the grocery store and I set about to prepare dinner. I could not find one single knife in this room called a kitchen so I called her again. She said "Mom, I only have one iand it is in the top drawer by the dishwasher. I looked carefully again and said "Nicki, there is absolutely no knife there" She said "you are overlooking it Mom. I know it is in there. It is not a very sharp one like all the ones you have but I know it is there". I kept telling her I did not see it. Finally she goes, getting irritated by now, "Mom it has a long skinny blade and is slightly curved on the end. I don't use it much because the blade is kind of flimsy" then I spied it and said "I only see a letter opener" BINGO. That was her "knife". My husband has often said her children do not know how to eat unless it comes in a paper bag and is shoved through a window at them.

She hates cooking and all things to do with a kitchen. I find it therapy and think it is the center of the home.

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Thanks, Leslie. I did a bit of research and it seems to be less common in the UK. Sea salt is much more common (and much cheaper) but I find it can be purchased here in some stores. It appears to be a chef's favourite (probably why their restaurant food is so dear).

Comparatively, in a supermarket here Fine Sea Salt 350g is £0.89, coarse Sea Salt (350g) is £0.58 but kosher salt is (250g) £1.65. So very much more expensive than sea salt.

What seafood do you use in your marinara sauce?

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No sea food. Just roast my garlic, onion, bell peppers, squash, then add them to my tomato base with spices for a vegetable marinara. Sometimes I will add hamburger and pepperoni--but only the pepperoni that has been microwaved to remove all fat. That way the meat is actually crisp like a potato chip. I can't stand the greasy pepperoni.

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