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Germany Struggles To Fill Its Farm Labor Shortage After Closing Its Borders

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This story on NPR News May 21, 2020. 


Germany Struggles To Fill Its Farm Labor Shortage After Closing Its Borders

May 20, 2020 • The government flew in thousands of seasonal workers from Romania and Poland, but that may not be enough. Some farmers are looking to hire Germans for the harvest.

( I added it in here because even people in my local area are taking about food shortages.  Well, if there is no field workers in the fields to pick the fruits, vegetables, and cut the grain fields due to Covid-19, how is the food supply going to be gathered?  Food shortages will appear everywhere soon enough.  


A beef bone (no meat on it) is selling for $10.00, 1 bone to cook with.  So, meats are getting hard to find, eggs in store (in my neck of woods) selling for $8.00 a dozen and they are not organic either.  Poultry, wings, thighs, are selling in small packages for $18.00 (you only get 4 pieces of thighs). 


Milk is creeping up there, gasoline is cheaper then the food.  So, perhaps right before the G.T. begins, more pestilences, food shortages, famine (all ready in parts of Africa, Sudan and too  Somalia, have been hit hard (parts of Africa, with the locust.)  Their crops all destroyed. 

Water shortages in some of these nations too.)


Luke 21:11 AND Rev. 6:6; Rev. 6:8b


The above scriptures come to mind, particularly the one on food shortages, a day's wage to purchase what you need to eat.  $100.00 use to purchase 6 bags of food with meat, poultry and eggs included.  Now $100.00 only gets you 2 bags of food depending on what store you go.  Like Aldi's it's fruits, veggies, and meat are terrible.  Watch what you purchase there.  Or you'll wind up in Hospital not for Covid-19 but food poisoning.) I guess we are in the "pangs of distress."





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8 hours ago, Allabord4Jah said:

I added it in here because even people in my local area are taking about food shortages

But NPR is a mainstream news source, so we moved your topic to "Secular News in the Mainstream Media"


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