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Trade in human flesh capsules :sick::nope:

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I thought of 2 Timothy 3:1,3 "But know this that in the last days Critical Times Hard to Deal with will be Here. For men will be...having no natural affection" when I read these articles. They were difficult to stomach, but this is the reality of today's world:

South Korea has stepped up customs inspections to try and stop capsules filled with powdered human flesh being smuggled into the country from China.Thousands of the pills have been found in luggage and in the post, often disguised as energy boosters, panaceas and aphrodisiacs.



The flesh seems perhaps to have come from moneymaking corrupt hospital staff disposing of the results of forced abortions under the Chinese one-child policy (which includes gendercide as baby girls are not favoured) or perhaps criminal practices involved with corpses of dead baby girls from the unofficial dying rooms for abandoned girl babies in China's orphanages.



Sadly forced abortions and sterilizations are not the sole practice of China, the BBC in various documentaries has been lately uncovering the policy happening in other countries too.

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I found this on Watchtower.com

"Satan, in his fury, has brought woe—suffering and affliction—to those dwelling on earth. That woe, however, will be brief, “a short period of time.” The Bible refers to this time as “the last days.” We can be glad that soon the Devil’s influence over the earth will be totally done away with. But what proof is there that we are living in the last days?"

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I thought of 2 Timothy 3:1,3 "But know this that in the last days Critical Times Hard to Deal with will be Here. For men will be...having no natural affection" its realy hard to deal with these stuations coz some are from govt like that of china

and some for the govts is hard to deal with completly

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The extent of the dead baby trafficking is coming even more to light. Estimated 13 million abortions at 35, 000 a day in China means plenty of 'useful' material to utilise in this monstrous trade. However, quite apart from the appalling moral issues raised - the fact of how poisonous it is eating rotting flesh and it's bacteria - more green shudderings!:sick:


There's is plenty of scientific proof this is useless medicine, but these same scientific facts have not stopped Chinese herbalists in the past from exploiting rare animals' parts, for similar reasons, until the animal has been driven to near or actual extinction because their rarity merely pushed the price up and made the rhino's horn or tiger's unmentionables more desirable!X(

Hopefully with all this worldwide publicity and how sensitive the Chinese government are to criticism, they will crack down on this horrid trade.

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Recycling surgically removed fetuses seems to have other uses in religious rituals in other Asian countries. They take them, dry them and cover them with gold leaf and religious threads and sell them to wealthy clients to be kept for good luck.

I did not want to put the Daily Mail article or the BBC News website article in the forum as it showed photographs of boxes of such dry roasted then gilded fetuses from an arrest of a man from Hong Kong who was caught trading such items to Thailand and it was too gruesome, so I found this comment on a news item about it here:


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