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Iraqi oil exports surging

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http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/iraqi-oil-industry-experiences-new-boom/2012/05/08/gIQALy6iBU_story.html?wprss&google_editors_picks=true BAGHDAD — Over the past four decades, Iraq’s oil production has traced the path of a roller coaster, propelled upward by geysers of crude and dragged downward by the weight of war and sanctions. In the aftermath of the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, Iraqi output has failed to achieve the heights it reached under Saddam Hussein — until now. In April, Iraq exported more crude than it has in any month since it invaded Kuwait in 1990. This success, according to analysts and policymakers, could jolt the global economy and help offset the loss of oil supplies from Iran. t also signals the rise of Iraq as a modern petro-state, with all the power and problems that enormous oil wealth brings. “Over the next five to seven years, Iraq could be supplying nearly half of the incremental growth in world oil demand,” said Larry Goldstein, director of the nonprofit Energy Policy Research Foundation. The cornerstone of Iraq’s progress has been the government’s ability since 2008 to reduce violence and then to maintain security after the U.S. troop withdrawal at the end of last year. Militias and terrorist groups still detonate bombs, attack security forces and target government officials for assassination. But the death toll has dropped dramatically. These security gains have helped the oil sector. A strategic pipeline to Turkey was once unusable because it was bombed so often; for the past few years, it has carried about 20 percent of the country’s exports.


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Is it just me or do you "smell" a conspiracy here> Is it possible that much of the "wrangling" about Iran and sanctions - ESPECIALLY on Iranian oil - is to help American interest in oil?

This just seems too much of a coincidence to me. I always knew the real reason for the Iraq war was oil and to get back at Sadam, but now seeing how this is playing out - I think there was an even bigger picture going on.

Take control of the oil, then sanction the other BIG oil producer so few will buy it (Even Hillary Clinton in India - asking them not to buy Iranian oil this last week). And now - production is up and ready to surpass.

sidenote: I have always felt the reluctance in expanding American oil drilling also is part of a bigger picture. Use less of it and then when these other countries start running out - you still have your own supply at home to tap. Hopefully by then other technologies will exist - but if not - hey the US has plenty.

Anyway, these countries play with the world like it is their own monopoly set. Soon the REAL government will be stepping in to change things.

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All the players in the oil game are pumping the black goo out of the Earths crust faster and faster every day. I wonder if they have ever given 2 seconds thought to the fact that it might be doing some important 'stabilizing the tectonic plates' thing. Hhhmmm.. mankind can only see 30 miles ahead on a clear day, this issue is too big to be left in the hands of profit taking money men for much longer.

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