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a funny story I had here in Baja

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OK, I have finally remembered afunny thing I saw out my bedroom window that I just have to tell. :lol2:

We had just gone to bed, lights out,but with the window open there is always some city noise going on here andthere. I am still getting used to that. I do love the country quiet which Ionly get now at 5:30 in the morning. So I try and ignore most of it. But thisnight, I hear this sound and I am trying to figure it out as it is slowlygetting closer. I finally figure it out as wheels turning, grinding on thepavement, something not real big but sounding like a little WD40 would beuseful. It is slowly coming up the street. We live on a corner so we get bothsides of a story...we are 3 blocks from a main street and it is a slightincline getting more as it gets to our house, more "uphill" as itgoes, not bad but steady. One of our bedroom windows looks out over this street;we have no side yard, the side of our house starts on the sidewalk, our bedroomon the 2nd floor. So the sound gets closer, Jess is all cozy almost asleep butI can't help but measure their progress listening to these wheels turning onthe pavement. I now can hear some conversation going on between a couple ofguys though I can't hear what they are saying. Then they stop just under ourwindow, I can hear some quiet conversation, maybe a little irritation, something being moved, I can’t help myself, I jumpout of bed to check it out. Our secondstory bedroom window looks out over the street, and they were right belowme. 2 men, one refrigerator and a dolly. Just that was enough to make me startlaughing. I covered my mouth since thewindow was open and I didn’t want to distract them. It appeared as though they were trying to geta better spot for the dolly, pulling it out of one spot and moving around the fridge,and around, and again. Like something out of a 3 stooges movie. Talking and analyzingthe situation from all angles. Gettingirritated with one another. There wasn’ta tie for it so they would tip the fridge a little this way, then that way,then move again to another spot. Finally, the one that seemed in charge, said something to the other ashe moved to the front of the fridge, the door side. The other guy responded credulously“…cierto?” (Really?) as he is tipping the fridge forward the one in front easesunder and lifts the fridge onto his back…I am not kidding! This is a regularsize refrigerator were talking about here. He starts saying something like “help me” as the other guy is trying tofigure out…how, what exactly he is supposed to do, you can see his confusion, heis trying to help balance the fridge on this guys back with one hand, but nowthe dolly is sitting in the road and he doesn’t want to leave that but theother guy is starting to walk on up the hill, with the refrigerator teetering onhis back. So now the other guy starts trying to reach back with one hand to getthe dolly while holding steady the fridge with his other but they are walkingaway and the distance getting farther away. He knows he can’t let go of the fridge but…he is leaving the dolly inthe road…I am laughing so hard by then I can hardly contain myself.

I didn’t stay up to see if they gottheir dolly or if someone else, driving by stopped and grabbed it up. I certainly hope they were able to come backand get it, they deserved it. My lastview was them walking up the road together, one with a refrigerator on his backand the other using both hands now, resigned, helping to keep it balanced upthe hill. I wonder how far they had togo. Pobrecitos!

There is a brother in the Spanish congregationat our hall that is a chiropractor, I guess I could have put his name andnumber on a sticky note and gone out and stuck it on the dolly, but I was so exhausted…:o

Who needs TV anyway?

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