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Anyone here know how to roll shushi?

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I signed up for a shushi class for next Monday and enrolled my sister and my husband too! After I signed us up I thought I should have asked Rick before doing it but believe it or not he said it sounded like fun. Just within the last 3 weeks he has started eating shushi EVERY night. I realize that must be his OCD kicking in but I am grateful for anything we can do together. Sister Musky I wish you were here to take the class with us since I know you have a fondness for shushi! Maybe we can set a time aside in Paradise to do this together. I will try and post some pictures and recipes afterwards.

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I would LOVE that, Leslie! Sushi is my very favorite food...I think I could eat it every day too. I've watched sushi chefs on tv give demonstrations, and I know you need a bamboo thingy that looks like a placemat to form the sushi rolls. Looks like fun. Let me know how it goes. It would definitely be less expensive to make your own sushi, but for now I go to my favorite sushi restaurants when I have a craving for it.

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I love sushi & have made it many times. Pretty easy after doing the first 2. But its a neat job. Kinda done with precisson. LoL.

You need a cup of Japanese Sushi rice. You need to rinse the rice before cooking then I found it easy to cook in the microwave on the Rice setting.

After its almost cooked you add 3 tablespoons of Mirian. A marinade for the Rice, gives that nice taste. you let it soak up the marinade in the Meantime.

You cut up cucumber or carrot into julinnes forgive my spelling. You also can use the thin smoked salmon, you prepare a few things maybe avocadoe

then you take you Seaweed sheets or Nori paper. Lay it on a bamboo sheet which you can also lay on a tea towel.Put the sheets on top of the bamboo. Wet the

Nori a little with a mixture of warm water and the Mirian. use your finger run along the edge like you are glazing. this acts as a glue. So spread an even amount of

rice layer with the cucumber, salmon etc.on top. Then as tightly as you can make the roll. take bamboo and roll the Nori. Should look a little like compact roll.

So let it set as is. Then continue on same procedure & then cut them to the size you like. Have some Soy sauce & Wasabi for dipping.


Tell me if this is the Same way you learn. Leslie

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Thanks Gabe. I am excited about taking the class and even more so about my husband taking it with me. He has lost alot of joy in his life so just him being willing to do this is a big deal. Thanks for the instructions. Have you ever used eel? I can not find it in the local grocers so I tried to go to a large Asain market but I could not get past the smell when I entered the front of the store. Very cramped and dirty--horrible fish smell and the tanks looked GROSS! I was afraid to buy from them but the store was crowded. The class instructor who is a well known shushi chef at a popular Japenses resturant said he would give the class a sheet with where to buy all the supplies. So looking forward to it.

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No I have not used eel. Once I had my babies everything changed. Cannot go there. & When I use to go fishing with my Dad he would catch them. & They just don't look to me. Meant for humans. Especially after almost coming in contact with the Electric Ones. They sell them in a few markets. I will stick with prawns & calamari. Done in Tempura. I love Japanese. I also like to do the Sashimi. with fresh tuna or fish.. Yeah have fun in your class. Will we see a new masterchef ?

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Eel is the best of the best in Sushi. golden fish roe is pretty good

My son is the best sushi maker No I'm not prejudiced )he fans the rice before you roll it. We have a Japanese sister come and stay ever year he learnt a lot from her.

you have to roll and kinda tuck it in. Mine always fall apart. Shane my son's always are perfect.

I agree with Gabe you have to use Mirrian.

Let us know how you go with the class:chef:

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