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iPad II - Backing Up Edited ePub Files

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Hi all!,

Like a lot of others, I am now using my iPad II for most of my studying - love it! I download ePubs from JW.org into iBooks. The ePubs allow you to use bookmarks, notes and highlighting - the features that we need to "study." My question: How can I back up, export or, otherwise save these edited ePubs to ensure that they are safe. My goal is to back up to my pc or in iCloud or someplace similar. I thought that iTunes would come into play however, the iTunes app on the iPad is just a mini version of the real program - it does not allow you to view or move files. Also, I believe that only "purchased" content gets synced. I'm really stumped and not tech smart. :help:

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Loje I'm not sure if this will work.

There is a program called Drop box. I will find the link later.

Its free. Put it your PC. & also put on your device

Make up your accounts & sync them both. Mine is Android based so it works.

My hubby has the iphone. I've synced his phone.

Also I have a google plus account. I sync my photos.

Then there is Google drive these are free.

If you use google as your main search engine. You can create your account & sync your documents you want kept.

All the best. I will look some more later.

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Thanks for posting this Gabe - good information and, I'll check it all out. Sure would be nice if these things came with instructions but, I suppose that's kind of an outdated concept. :idea:

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Sorry to resurrect - no pun intended - an old threat but I  am wondering if there is a definitive answer to this question that someone can point me to.  I've tried searching but can't seem to find one. 


One big worry I have from leaving my paper study WT is losing all my notes and stuff in the margins.  I know I could use PDFs and use Dropbox to back up  but I find the links to scriptures and material in the iBooks versions very user friendly.  And as mentioned, my understanding is that a conventional backup won't save the non-purchased stuff.


I read about a program called ifunbox.  Wondering if that would be a solution to backing up studied copies of publications from iBooks.


As the WT today brought out, eagerly embracing new arrangements and opportunities in our service is what we should be doing - the learning curve is challenging but the results worth it.  I thank you very much for considering my post.

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I did some research and found a way how to save all your notes onto email. Though not saved in ibook format, more like a text format.


1: make notes

2: go to table of contents in publication/book

3: tap on "notes" tab

4: tap on the top-right corner side (square box and arrow pointing up) and tap on "edit notes"

5: select all notes (or individual notes)

6: tap "share" and send to email


source: http://octavianlogigan.com/1360/how-to-export-notes-from-ibooks/


There may be another way though. Not sure. 

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Hello Loje! On the Google Play Marketstore you can download the programme "Epub converter" and it will save all your files into whatever format you want. You then can download everything to your desk computer and it is all on there for when you want to read at home. I am not sure if it lets you put back onto your tablet for the Kingdom Hall but there should be a programme for your desktop that converts to that I think if you look on Google search engine for that.

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