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Cookn' Ribs

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Ok, got a super deal on pork ribs- 6 full racks for 1/2 price so got 12 and split with a friend. I cooked 1 package of 3 but wasn't really happy. I made a wonderful sauce and it's good when you dunk it in there but I want to just eat it off the bone and be drooling. So is there anyone out there who loves to cook pork ribs?

I marinated overnight (1 dry rub Louisiana hot, 1 dry rub sweet and 1 wet marinade tastes like Heinz 57'ish) , cooked wrapped in foil at 275 F. for 3 hours then put on barbecue with honey for 1/2 hour.

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I also love the ribs.

I go to an Asian market & buy some chinese vinegars/wines. A caramel like soy sauce as well as

Ketschup Manis a thick sweet like soy

& marinade them with loads of garlic. Sweet chilli sauce ginger & honey.

Cook for 1hr or til that almost burnt look.

Serve with rice & coriander.

Or another Bbq sauce. Worshctershire sauce. Garlic & honey.

& slow cook them at 160 in the oven. If dry add some liquid stock. In between.

Serve with roast potatoes & pumpkin.

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I bake them on 350* F for 2h. I wrap them in a double layer of aluminum foil.

But first I put a dry rub on: whatever I feel like that day. Usually I include a bit of brown sugar.

After the 2h, or a bit before that, I pour BBQ sauce on them. (I make my own because I haven't found one yet without HFCS)make sure the meaty side is facing up.

Keep the top layer of foil off.

Then I put it under the broiler for about 15 minutes. Usually turns out pretty good.

Key is wrapping them in the foil!

Oh, be sure to put that 'package' on a sheet so you won't make a mess in your oven.

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I like to use the smoker and a dry rub from scratch. If my husband mans the smoker he smokes them low and slow.  He uses a steel bowl with Warsteiner Dunkle beer and half apple cider to keep the meat moist and by doing it low and slow there is the classic pink smoke ring around the meat.  I like a sticky sauce.  He likes it without a sauce.  So I make a Black Jack BBQ sauce using Jack Daniels and blackberries to flavor the tomato base and spices and brown sugar.  I brush the ribs then stick them in the oven under broil to adhere the sauce and make it sticky --the ribs are superb!

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OK  so what are the ingredients for the BBQ sauces? I will cook 1 hour less next time too. I did have them wrapped in foil and yes on a couple of trays in the oven too, they did leak. Leslie, what's the ingredients for the blackberry one, I have them in the freezer from last summer, and Jack Daniels is yummy- one for the sauce one for the cook.

And the dry rub ingredients? I need specifics, want to put them in my book, tried and tested recipes.


I think I just need to get experience at this so it gets better. Lew doesn't like ribs so I've never (married 32 years and never did it for myself!) cooked these. But the brothers I feed want them and I love them and my daughter and her family will drive an hour to get here and have some.

Oh, is it possible to do a recipe with horseradish? I love that stuff.  

Just insecure about this, don't want to mess it up so bad I can't eat it.

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Cheryl--I really don't use measurements and it comes down to what I have in my pantry and frig whenever I cook.  That being said, I take a stick of butter and grate a onion into it (I do not dice it because I really just want the juicy goodness and very small, thin shavings of the onion.)  After I brown the butter  (BIG difference between burning the butter and browning the butter--LOL) then I add some sort of tomato base (either a bottle of ketsup, or canned tomato sauce and a small tomato paste.)  I add about 1/2 cup of Jack D.  (or a guinness beer) and then a small package of frozen  blackberries. I add enough water to thin it down to desired consitency, and  1 C of brown sugar and 1 T. prepared (jarred) mustard.  Bring to boil then simmer stirring freq. till it starts getting thick (maybe 45mins?)  add to start,  1 tsp of bar-b-que spice (or 1 tsp of chili powder)  then taste and add a little more to you find the sweet spot to suit your taste.  This is a very basic BBQ sauce.  Other times I may use apple juice instead of Jack and the berries 


Be creative!  I also do a peach BBQ sauce (frozen peaches instead of berries)  If you want a smokey sweet--add 1 tsp of liquid smoke flavoring.  Be careful with the liquid smoke.  My grandson when he was about 4--backed into a display stand at the grocery store kncoking it over and breaking the bottles.  The smell was so strong they had to evacuate the store.  I was so glad it was my daughter with him and not me...

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