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  1. Well that was interesting ! Rather dark beginning. Do we know the brother narrarating? A very familiar voice. Remember when the gas went in at the rear of the car, behind the license plate?
  2. Our speaker this morning mentioned a book called The Priveleged Planet. A video/audio version is also on YouTube. Just re-enforces what a unique and special creation that Jehovash has "given us".
  3. There is so much to love about the True God. I started thinking, "If I had to choose one thing, that leads me to love Jehovah, what would that be"? Well, for me, and probably most believers, it has to be his willingness to send his most precious , only-begotten, first-of-all-creation, Son, here to pay the ransom. Remember, any perfect human life would have been sufficient. So, let's just say we would all agree on that. What else? What's your runner-up? I love that Jehovah selects both men and women to be co-rulers in the kingdom. Does anyone visualize our sweet sisters as mighty angels fighting the War of Armageddon? Or, do you only visualize our faithful, hard working, brothers doing so? Now let's hear from you, friends . . .
  4. El General - Apparently a very successful Panamanian reggae talent. 32 gold albums, and 17 platinum according to Wikipedia. Can that be right?
  5. Moscow is 11 hours ahead of California. So, this hearing and decision will take place as I sleep. It's surreal in a way. Can this really be happening? Either way - Jehovah has the last word.
  6. I enjoyed meeting Br. Sydlik in '86. We were both at the Bethel barbershop. He asked me about my assignment. I was on the way to Nigeria to work construction. Told him my trade was flooring. In his booming voice, he said "Well, put a decent floor in that place, will ya" (more or less - it's been 31 years). My feet were not touching the ground when I left that small shop !!! Still makes me smile when I think about it.
  7. Awesome, brothers ! For the record - I'm very good at shoveling snow. Just sayin' . . .
  8. OK - What's a 'link' ? haha . . I may be the most tech unsavvy here on the forum. However, was edition 1/6/17 in L.A. Times. Byline (if they still refer to the author that way) is Paige St. John and Joseph Serna. Title was "Paniic in the Sierra Nevada . . ." Perhaps you can track it down? I found it at Drudge Report.
  9. Tim and Denise . . this one's for you L.A. Times, story on major storm system, "The town of Colfax in the Sierra Nevada, known as the 'turnaround town', has one of the most used I-80 on/off ramps in Northern California on a snow day". Options for stranded travelers are slim in the Old West railroad town, whose most famous mention is a passing reference in Jules Verne's 'Around the World in 80 Days'. Even Phileas Fogg did not stop. Hope you enjoyed this Tim and Denise !
  10. This won't help our situation in Russia. The government already considers us as extremist. If the government retaliates against 'religious extremism', we could be caught up in that.
  11. Tim, you are awarded, in absentia, the Tongue-In-Cheek award for wit and entertainment value.
  12. Wow. 10 years. Thanks for the memory, Glenn. I distinctly remember one door; the lady saying 'No, no' but also looking at the tract. Then saying 'Wait.'. She accepted it. I recall this was around the time religious-terrorism was emerging.
  13. Anyone heard of the FB page titled 'World-Wide Brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses' ? Comments on the page give the impression this is from our organization. Really? What stops apostate commentary?
  14. We always wondered what exactly is a 'mucca' , in case we should win one.
  15. A neighbor told me his new puppy is a cross between a poodle and another poodle. Ah, so, it's a . . poodle-doodle ?