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  1. I think it means they acknowledged they were meeting together and they knew it was not allowed. Fined and released (to continue meeting together). The one hold-out may have a weak conscience, and feel that 'admitting' or confessing to illegal conduct would be a mistake? Who knows.
  2. The brothers had taken precautions - KH full of people, but not a single car in the parking lot. So, they have been expecting this eventually.
  3. If only someone could ask the Bishop of London how he understands Jesus' words "They are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world". It sounds that the Bishop finds it 'deeply regrettable' to be no part of the world. John 15:19
  4. Authorities fear a collapse of the structure!
  5. Not sure why the Golden Age didn't acknowledge the source of that forecast. Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943). An excerpt from a biography states "Tesla, for his part, continued in his work and would patent several more inventions, including the 'Tesla coil', which laid the foundation for wireless technologies".
  6. In Tulsa, OK , Irene Parker and Beverly Wright were both mauled by a Pit Bull. Story is on YouTube -; (incomplete) I was talking with a brother whose Bichon Fried was recently attacked by a Pit Bull. He told me how the owner of the Pit stopped the attack. Something I have never known, and could save a life. Lift up one of the back legs. Either leg. This destabilizes the dog and a Pit will unlock its jaw. As we know, there is almost no outside force (such as baseball bat) that will make a Pit Bull release its grip. The jaw is a vice. When this brothers Bichon was attacked, his wife pounded her fist on the head of the Pit, breaking her pinky finger. Then the owner reached the scene and lifted a hind leg, and the Pit let go. I've never heard of this method before. I think it might be necessary / important to grab the dog by the ankle of a hind leg and not let go until help arrives. Once let go the dog will probably resume the attack. I realize this comes under the "Easier Said Than Done" header. But, it could save a life and major trauma. Of course, this goes for all breeds of dogs.
  7. There must be a subliminal message in that date !!!! What were they saying about 153 fish? Bible Study part said there were people making a fuss about that number. Anyone know?
  8. "Gog evidently represents a coalition of nations making the assault. It will be engineered and led behind the scenes by Satan the Devil" it-1 pp 980-981. "Our goal is a coalition of nations". President Trump speech in Saudia Arabia.
  9. Can we still access the Members Roster? Not finding the way . . .
  10. What has 10 heads and 40 teeth?
  11. Hey Fellas ! Have you ever met a girl so sweet, and so cute, that she made you feel like brushing all yer teeth, not just the two front ones?
  12. Hi Ross. I read 'Critical Times' but got bogged-down in 'All Things New'. So I leap-frogged over to 'The Unrighteous' but haven't picked it up in months. Did you read the trilogy?
  13. Yes, they see it as political because that's the lens they look through. Interestingly, in an odd way, they echo Jesus words at Luke 11:23 . . "Whoever is not on my side is against me". We don't think we are against them (rather, we're neutral). But, through their looking glass, they believe we're against them.