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  1. "Gog evidently represents a coalition of nations making the assault. It will be engineered and led behind the scenes by Satan the Devil" it-1 pp 980-981. "Our goal is a coalition of nations". President Trump speech in Saudia Arabia.
  2. Can we still access the Members Roster? Not finding the way . . .
  3. What has 10 heads and 40 teeth?
  4. Hey Fellas ! Have you ever met a girl so sweet, and so cute, that she made you feel like brushing all yer teeth, not just the two front ones?
  5. Hi Ross. I read 'Critical Times' but got bogged-down in 'All Things New'. So I leap-frogged over to 'The Unrighteous' but haven't picked it up in months. Did you read the trilogy?
  6. Yes, they see it as political because that's the lens they look through. Interestingly, in an odd way, they echo Jesus words at Luke 11:23 . . "Whoever is not on my side is against me". We don't think we are against them (rather, we're neutral). But, through their looking glass, they believe we're against them.
  7. Have you ever wondered what the viewpoint of government officials truly is? I listened to Sean Hannity interview former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice yesterday. Of course, she believes the USA is a shining city on the top of the hill. However, apart from the US, she said "the world is a dark, ugly place".
  8. Saw a story on FB today , seems an unfriendly threw a Molotov cocktail into the home of a Witness family. Nothing said about injuries, but two houses destroyed. Perhaps one of you with the know-how can post it.
  9. Indeed, great articles! Found it interesting to consider Jesus had to wait patiently until 1914 to receive his next assignment. That was a long wait! Also liked the counsel to 'turn your worries into prayers'.
  10. On NPR radio today, Here & Now segment , "Russian Government Cracking Down on Jehovah's Witnesses". 6 minute interview. The brother interviewed is third-generation JW. His father spent 7 years in prison. His mother spent 4 years in prison. He spent 1.5 years in prison. Regarding persecution, I'm summarizing his comment, 'Been there - Done that' and 'I have no fear'. Hope you all can find this interview that aired today, April 28.
  11. On the other hand; Trump has been an employer of thousands of people, many of them doing humble jobs such as housekeeping. It wouldn't surprise me if he knows JW's are good employees, reliable and industrious. These are things employers know. He may eventually speak out on our behalf.
  12. Agreed. Although he had his marching orders, he had to feel a degree of embarrassment as a legal professional. I think of the boxer who will throw the fight. He still may have a need to show he could of won, if not bought-off.
  13. I was thinking the Brothers may go digital with our Yearbook, and discontinue the print version. Could this be it?
  14. And, as we tuck ourselves to bed tomorrow, with sweet dreams of another Memorial observance in the books, the trial resumes . . For some reason this conundrum reminds me of 2 Cor. 6:14 "What sharing does light have with darkness?" " They originate with the world; that is why they speak what originates with the world and the world listens to them" 1 John 4:14