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  1. Sent from my R1 HD using Tapatalk
  3. I work for the city of orlando wastewater divison....monday the mayor sent all of us colored pins to support the ones who died the pins are in the colors of the flags of gay pride. None if really in our division are wearing them i work with a bunch of country boys who told me i aint wearing them and havent.but i wonder of ones who work in the government buildings downtown are pressured to wear them since they deal with the public?
  5. I have Wii u Mario kart 8 and a assortment of indie download only games.
  7. samuel herd giants talk. i regret making this topic...........
  8. my mistake it was in watchtower but not the kingdom proclaimer book my mistake .
  9. I'm driving I will respond soon
  10. its in the kingdom proclaimers book.
  11. Not to start an argument ....but it was released at a convention and I just listen to a talk on central print by Samuel herd today and he talked about how good the book was....buts its a old book I just asked who has read it our conscious vary so I will leave it at that.
  12. I meant it was not originally from the brothers but was printed by bro Russell and company later.