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  1. I'm happy because we just have to send to the russian embassy in Brazil, it's faster and cheap. For example, in Correios for a simple letter we pay R$1,15 (US$0,36), I wonder how much it will cost to send a letter to Russia, very expensive.
  2. The letter read in tonight's meeting was basically some info that is already in the site and the organization asking for our help and prayers. An elder printed some copies of the instructions, and we had some envelopes.
  3. We have it since January/2017 in brazilian portuguese.
  4. Cool, I think april or may we will receive It.
  5. And maybe the trailers for the convention..
  6. I have clicked at the wrong link.. Sorry..
  7. And today we have lack of water at my job. Just waiting for the broadcasting..
  8. But it don't have to be in the month program, it can be released any time during the month.
  9. https://assetsnffrgf-a.akamaihd.net/assets/m/jwb/univ/201703/art/jwb_univ_201703_wsr_XX_lg.jpg For the images, change the XX for numbers 01, 02...