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  1. You're not alone, believe me. And it's hard to remember to apply Psalms 4:4 "Be agitated but do not sin. Have your say in your heart upon your bed and keep silent." From what you describe, your sister no doubt would have lost regardless if she had a valid claim, because she interfered with your economic opportunity, used retaliatory tactics. You could have counterclaimed for treble and punitive damages, but apparently didn't. Now comes the real challenge: You have to forgive her. From the heart. As if you really mean it. How do you do that when you may feel justified in wanting to wring her neck? I found it helps to try to look at things from a different perspective, or point of view. Meaning, your sister is delusional, and needs a brain transplant, which will only be possible in the new system. Everything done by her this side of the 1000 year reign was a mistake, and doesn't count. If you unconditionally let it go, it will have an amazing effect, on yourself and everyone familiar with the matter.
  2. This can happen to anyone at any time. It happened to my own brother, another brother who was a pioneer, and a brother in Alaska, just to mention ones I know of. Look at what happened to Joseph - 13 years in prison by a false accusation. Jesus and the apostles were all falsely imprisoned at one time or another, if not executed. They can try to do all they can to get exonerated - appeal for due process violations or errors, new trial for new information, etc., but don't count on it. They are caught in Satan's web. What can be done? Remember the big picture, Jehovah's grand purpose. My brother has been in jail since January 2008. After 2 trials, he was convicted and sentenced to 20 years, based on false testimony and manufactured evidence. Weirdly enough he learned to speak and read Samoan quite fluently as a teenager, which came in handy since most of the guards are Samoan. I was able to send him English and Samoan literature; he has had many studies and taught some to read. He would save up his food items, and when others all ran out they would line up at his cell for food. He was able to give his presentations and have discussions this way. Some that were released are attending meetings and came to the memorial. He was always polite to everyone, and when the entire module was on lock down, only he was allowed to use the phone. Then 2013 the pioneer brother was in custody and at just the right time was assigned to my brother's cell, and they didn't even know each other before. I was able to send them both WT study magazines and songs so they could study and sing together. This was not easy since publications have to come from the publisher or they are confiscated. The pioneer brother was sent to Arizona start his 30 year sentence in 2016. My brother was sent to Arizona February 2017, and has met up with over 1000 inmates he's met over the past 9 years. He attends meetings held there, that he couldn't here, and his literature needs are handled by the local congregation. From what you described, Bro. Jones sounds like the type of brother that can handle this. He and his wife too, need encouragement, and help at the right time as well.
  3. Often what we fear ( such as the unknown), may be a protection. Considering the beast turning on and attacking the high profile harlot. If there are no kingdom halls, and God's people are nowhere to be found, because they are hiding in plain site, seems to me that would be a good thing. Trust in Jehovah and not rely on our own understanding.
  4. There is a "Fair Use" provision in the copyright law for - commentary, criticism, and parody. Also, laws vary from country to country.
  5. The book I recall had a long boring chapter of the animals being herded into the ark, and a long boring chapter about the giants showing off in a parade. What I did was juxtaposed the scenes between each of these events, as if happening simultaneously, from sunrise to sunset. The purpose of the film is to bring awareness of the flood, why it occurred, and the Bible primarily to Asia.
  6. For this very reason I was cautioned about control. So if this project ever goes into the production phase, as writer/producer I would see to it that the director adheres to the script.
  7. Now that would be interesting! Did you notice that the releases in the last regional convention were all videos? They can be a great way to convey a message. In fact, if you think about it, a vision is like Jehovah playing a movie - that John and Daniel are told to write down. The Photo Drama of Creation was so ahead of it's time. The New World Society in Action film was another way everyone could see how Jehovah's organization was increasing. My husband is in that film at the time code 01:39, and again at 01:08:10. He's the Italian man raking his yard and pretends not to understand English!
  8. What started out to be just a fun project, has turned quite interesting indeed. After submitting my first draft to the U.S. Copyright office and WGA, two weeks later the headlines in the Wall Street Journal read, "Hong Kong Christens an Ark of Biblical proportions." The WSJ quoted the purpose of the Kwok family in Hong Kong to build a life size replica of Noah's ark, was to get the Bible's message to the people of China. I contacted their representative for permission to film some exterior shots, and was emailed the release forms - in Chinese! However, they wanted to know the director, actors, and budget, which I was not prepared to provide. Shortly after this, my mechanic introduced me to his girlfriend who had worked in film production in LA. I was surprised to see her at the memorial, and learned her family are JWs and own the largest and oldest post production company in Hollywood. The name of that company is credited at the end of the videos on JW.org, "Noah - He walked with God," and "David - He trusted in God." She helped with script revisions, etc. Then, the Kwok brothers are indicted, one is convicted and goes to prison! I had hoped they would be inclined to fund a portion of the film. Sometime later, my husband's daughter comes to visit. It turns out she had worked for a casting director in Oregon. She helped prepare a projected list of actors for majority of the characters. As things start to take shape, I submitted Seola's Journal, as a film in development. The next day, I read in Bloomberg that Tommy Kwok is released from prison! However, I'm still working on the budget and haven't decided on the director. "If Jehovah wills, we will live and do this or that." - James 4:15.
  9. I agree with your observations. Back in the early days, Russell was trying to reach the masses, publishing the Watchtower in newspapers and producing the Photo Drama of Creation. Although the revised book was published 8 years after he died, the purpose was no doubt the same. It seems though, that the intended audience was the general public, to become aware of the root cause of the evil in the world and that Jehovah will "not refrain from punishing an ancient world... of ungodly people" or this world relevant during "the presence of the Son of man." Matt. 24:36-39. Also, if I may add my opinion, the book Seola was not a product of demon inspiration, any more than by the tooth fairy. What is demonism is the trinity and immortality of the soul. Those doctrines are promoted in occult literature.
  10. Thank you for your response, Carlos. So true, we have quite a lot of more urgent material to read and meditate on! I'll be honest, I received the book Angels and Women while a student in high school studying cinematography and film production. In 2009 I finally wrote a screen play adaptation, but ran into a brick wall as far as obtaining permission from the original publisher/author. Interestingly, the author, Ann Eliza Smith died in 1905. Russell died in 1916, but the book Angels and Women on her novel was published in 1924, which means it is under U.S. copyright. The author is not disclosed, but only as "anonymous". Therefore, obtaining a chain of custody for permission is impossible. I revised my screenplay as an adaptation of Seola, the original literary work that Russell himself read; which, by the way, is more eloquently written, but much like reading Shakespeare. In so doing, I removed the really weird parts, and added some of my own inflections. Again, I thank you for your response.
  11. Dear Bro. Carlos, Thank you for your clarifying comments awhile back regarding the rather controversial novels, "Angels and Women", and "Seola". I particularly appreciate your inclusion of the review quote and your comment of "historical fiction," because that is exactly what the content is. For example the movie, "Pearl Harbor." We know the event on December 7, 1941 is a historical fact, but not necessarily the plot of that movie. Therefore, I would like yours and anyone else's feedback from reading one and/ or the other novel. I have my own personal reasons for this request. This does not mean to go and read them now, because there is so much current priority reading material to absorb these days, but only if one has already read either of these publications. To dispel any jitters that the books were purportedly influenced by "the spooks," I will relate my own experience. I was given the book Angels and Women by my Bible study conductor, Rose dos Santos when I was 17 and in high school. She had several copies that her husband, Joe dos Santos, once branch overseer of the Philippines, were given by Bro. Rutherford. Their life experience is in the 2003 Yearbook p. 154 - 160. She knew I liked to read, and I recall reading the entire book in one day. What I would like addressed in reading of this book is: 1. Did reading the story place you in the setting of the world before the flood? 2. What was the goal/dilemma of the heroine - between her mother, and/or the world at that time? 3. Could you visualize the world at that time, i.e., everyone on drugs, gang violence, trafficking in young women - just like today? 4. What worldly influence of the Nephilim reminded you of the world of today, i.e., competitive contact sports, wrestling, boxing, etc. 5. Did you feel the importance of the ark being the only means of salvation from that evil world? Also, did it seem unlikely. Explain. 6. Did you feel the urgency of the heroine getting into that ark before the destructive forces were unleashed? If so, how did the heroine accomplish this? 7. What positive aspects, if any, did this story impress upon you? 8. What negative aspects, or what did you not like by reading this story? 9. Would you like to see this story, or something similar, in video or movie form? Why? If not, or if you do? Thank you, and appreciate your time and energy in responding to this. I welcome any and all feed back, good or bad, and will take such into consideration. Aloha, What did you enjoy from reading either of these publications? Did it increase your faith in Jehovah's promises?