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  1. Some science- . At the coast, water boils at 100 degrees celsius and as you go up to higher altitudes, it boils at even lower temperatures. Now, when you put a sealed lid on the pot, the pressure is raised to higher than atmospheric or ambient pressure. This results in water now boiling at a much HIGHER temperature than 100C (212F). So your food is cooked quicker, at a higher temperature. A motor vehicle radiator/ cooling system works in the same way. The pressure raises the boiling point of the water. And these are just application of Jehovah's laws!!
  2. Yes, it often happens with me that it goes to the begining of meetings or even to the begininigof jw.library. I thought it was because my tablet is old and dated! Samsung GT P 6200 with Android 4.1. I dont even bother trying to underline/highlight. I use Moon Reader after downloading epubs.
  3. You're running Android 4.0. Is jw Library not limited to Android 4.4 and higher?
  4. This experience was so enriching, fortifying and awesome for me. The last time I was at Bethel was 1984 when my wife and I came up to work for a short while on the construction. My first child was not even born then- now she has been married 10 years!!! Seeing the faithful brothers and sisters, all in their very late 50's and upwards is very faith strengthening. Seeing old friends, who we had not seen or heard of since the late '70s, when we were all kids of 18/19 in military prison, was tremendous. Yes, we had to check each others lapel cards names before we knew who it was we were looking at!!!
  5. Yes, they are the same pictures. Sorry for the mixup- I would like to edit those photos out. :-)
  6. Two big screens for us to see what was going on in the auditorium.
  7. We also had a photo shoot here, of those of us who were incarcerated in military prison during the late '70s. That was a very great reunion!!! I dont have the photos yet. Inside the printery, where most of us gathered for the dedication program
  8. 5260 brothers and sisters, baptised 40 years or more. A hungry bunch to be fed. We received a lunch pack comprising chicken pieces, a bread sandwich, a tub of bean salad, a tub of fruit salad, tea bags, coffee sachet, sugar, powder creamer, a small Kit-Kat bar, tomato sauce (ketchup) adn a wonderful full table of spiritual food that included br Geoffery Jackson's talk Tea and coffee and other refreshments available in the tents.
  9. The other MAN printing press, also behind the enclosure
  10. The one M.A.N. printing press behind the enclosure
  11. As they are registered as a Town, Bethel needs to have their own fire/rescue department that serves outside as well as on the premises.
  12. Approaching Bethel- the new wharehouse