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  1. It did not matter how much the Rabsheka shouted, even in the Jewish language , Jehovah still destroyed 185 000 soldiers in one night!
  2. We even have it circulating here in S Africa. "Be modest in walking with your God" means, be excited about our brothers efforts yes, but exercise caution because it is satan's world.
  3. South Africa branch requested congregations to courier our letters rather than post them. Each congregation is paying for their parcels (each to be less than 2kg) to be couriered. What a worldwide witness!
  4. Doubt very much it's a Witness. Click on Firpo C and it takes you to another site that does not indicate true organisational thinking. But Russian citizens are being arrested/have been arrested for picketing in Russia. Heard it on the radio news this afternoon. So ..... "take your positions, stand still and see the salvation of Jehovah"!
  5. where do I start? Early Bee-Gees, Bread; Eric Clapton, JJ Cale, Nick Drake, Jack Johnson, Bob Dylan, (Allman Brs are new to me and love it- heard about them but only now listening to some tracks =The sky is crying, Sweet Melissa!) Cat Stevens; Pink Floyd, Uriah Heep; Benny Goodman, Phil Woods, Joe Sample; Michael Franks, Sutherland brs, Smokie, The Hollies...................................
  6. Vuyani, Mholo my broer!!! Unjani? I hear what you are asking because- well, I'm in Cape Town, en toe, weet ons hoe dit gaan ne? Will translate for the brothers - Vuyani, Hello my brother!! How are you?.................. and so, we know how things are, yes? yes, with the way things are here with unemployment in S Africa, everybody is pushing for higher education. But look who pushes it- the universities and colleges themselves. They are also a business. They also want to make money and so they push very hard for customers. A little while ago, I think it ws a c overseer that said in S Africa, there are 2 types of unemployed. !) the uneducated unemployed and 2) the educated unemployed. But they are both unemployed!! It is in situations like this that our loyalty to Jehovah is tested. Who do we rely on- our educated self.......... or on Jehovah? He says, "Test me out please...." (Mal 3:10). When we are obedient in opposition to man's logic, then we are testing Jehovah and He will NEVER let us falter. I know. I was retrenched in 2012. I joined my wife as a reg pioneer and have not looked back. The blessings outweigh the "sacifices" so much, that it makes me see what a joke this world really is. A sick joke. So Vuyani, put Jehovah to the test in a good way. You will never be sorry.