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How Often Do YOU Check Your Mirrors?



In my experience...in the Midwest...and with all of the insane road rage that exists on today's highways...my answer is: ALL THE TIME!!


I will try to spare you dear friends more of my incessant ramblings and get straight to the point. Like the scriptural gem I have prepared, I will ATTEMPT to be short and to the point, (though I offer no promises...for my pontificating is valuable and...and okay...I'll shut up now):😅


1 Thessalonians 5:17: “Pray constantly.”


Yes, we've definitely all heard this scripture...but what does it mean??


Is it literal? Are we to spend 24 hours a day uttering prayers to Jehovah in a constant stream of litany that never ever ends??


Nah... if you wanted that...just click on one of my posts and prepare to eye roll your way to a state of pure and utter catatonic bliss!🤣


But, on a more serious note...what does this verse actually mean?


For a quick translation, and relatable to probably every single one of us...it's literally this simple: “Pray constantly” means to have a prayerful attitude.


What does that mean?


Try this on for size...what does it mean to have a careful attitude? Especially in relation to driving...hmmm...I can now hear the wheels spinning... (some faster than others...but they're all spinning!!) By the way...my wheels spin so slow even hamsters turn down the job because they were all getting fat from a lack of exercise.😂


But...again...what does it mean to have a careful attitude?


Simply put...when we are out driving on a freeway...how often do we check our mirrors? Do we have a “preset” number of times?


If you got into someone's car and they told you... “I will be checking my mirror TEN times during this trip...that's it. Don't expect 11 or 12...I only check them ten times!"


Are you really going to ride with them? Honestly, probably not...and rightfully so!


No, as a careful driver... (hopefully a careful driver) ...we constantly and consistently check our mirrors...not out of a preset notion of how often we should check them...but because we understand that if we don't...we could possibly kill ourselves and those traveling with us.


The same thing applies spiritually...we check our spiritual mirrors constantly and consistently throughout our day...readjusting our behavior as we see the need to do so.


Pray constantly...please, my dear friends...please continue to allow Jehovah to readjust us. None of us will ever regret it...and we are just so close so the end...just allow Jehovah to GET you there.



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I like that analogy. If we get into the habit of talking to Jehovah, even for the minutest thing - how this makes us feel, help for making the right choice, forgiveness for our shortcomings, praise for what we see in creation - it will become as natural as checking your mirrors (which we do unconsciously).


Great point Tim!👍

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