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Please...Please Never Forget...Jehovah, Give Me Courage



Give me courage...how those three words evoke memories and specific images in our heads.


The video to that song was simultaneously awe inspiring and nail biting...our dear brothers and sisters being herded into an open field by military men with guns...no protection...helpless.


And then, the camera pans upwards...and suddenly we see the sky fill with the heavenly host of angels, 144,000...and Christ himself leading the way.


Writing these words...I have chills running up and down my spine. I cannot help but shiver with anticipation and... yes...even a certain sense of GET EM mentality. Those guns don't stand a chance...and then I add another thought into the mix that makes my hair stand on end...these men KNOW they are attacking Jehovah's people...they KNOW they are attacking Jehovah God himself!!


That level of pure arrogance and stupidity makes me shake my head in disbelief...and then my brain adds yet another image...all of those military men dying right there...on that spot...in that moment. Their manner of death is vague...but inconsequential. What matters is that they die...all of them...and right where they stand.


And that thought...my dear friends...is what caused me to sit down at my computer and start to write another post...because while I see all of them dying...on the very spot they stand...I cannot imagine any of those dear brothers and sisters getting hurt...not even the slightest scratch...nothing!


And that thought led me to share with all of you a point that a local C.O. in our area brought out recently...and I thought it was so incredible...so awe inspiring...I wanted to share it with you. 


Let us return, in our mind's eye...to the rocky slopes of Mount Carmel where Elijah is standing...having just watched an entire group of disgusting men make fools out of themselves in front of everyone. Finally, he tells all the people to approach...and then proceeds to repair Jehovah's alter in front of them all. 


Everyone watched as he went through was undoubtedly an hour or more of hard intense labor...rebuilding the alter, digging the trench by hand, cutting the young bull into pieces and placing it on the alter with food for the fire. Afterwards...he had everything doused in water, (no doubt seawater obtained from the Mediterranean Sea) ...over and over again until the wood was saturated and water spilled over the edges of the trench.


Then, this worn-out faithful man prayed out loud...his words ringing through the air: "About the time when the evening grain offering is presented, E·liʹjah the prophet stepped forward and said: “O Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, today let it be known that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant and that it is by your word that I have done all these things.37 Answer me, O Jehovah! Answer me so that this people may know that you, Jehovah, are the true God and that you are turning their hearts back to you.” (1 Kings 18:36,37)


Suddenly...stunningly...: " At that the fire of Jehovah fell from above and consumed the burnt offering, the pieces of wood, the stones, and the dust, and it licked up the water from the trench." (1 Kings 18:38)


Friends...the C.O. then pointed out something that made my jaw drop. 


No known earthly fire could have instantaneously consumed everything...thus the source of this fire was ATOMIC...and he provided a reference from an Awake article showing that rocks found on Mount Carmel have the same nuclear radioactive properties as those found on the sites of the atomic bomb testing sites!


What's the big deal? After all, we knew it had to be supernatural...it came from Jehovah, right?


True...but how many humans have died from radioactive fallout...developing cancer, heart disease and other health problems?  A lot...but when Jehovah harnessed that same energy...nowhere do we read of those watching this miracle dying from radiation poisoning. 


His point was this...Jehovah has the ability...the power...to selectively destroy while simultaneously preserving!


Give me courage...those words have been ringing in my heart since I  re watched that video.  Those dear brothers and sisters in that field have nothing to worry about...Jehovah could send atomic fire to destroy every single one of those soldiers...and it wouldn't harm a single hair on their heads.


And the same goes for each of us. Jehovah has the ability to protect us when the chips are down...and the desire to see us all safely into the new system...whether it's in person...or in his limitless memory. May we never forget Jehovah's ability to show his strength on our behalf...and may we always remember those three simple words...Jehovah...GIVE ME COURAGE!!











Edited by Timl1980


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